Camping, the rest of it

Saturday we got up from our freezing cold tents, had coffee the little ladies had hot cocoa there were a few things that we had forgotten so A and D went to town the rest of us hung out at the camp site, at about 3 we went down to do some fishing, H caught 2 "lobsters" I dont know what they are really called but thats what they look like, L caught a baby fish and threw it back and D caught a baby too, could have been the same dumb fish and he threw it back too. That night it wasnt too cold but it was super windy, one of our stakes came up so we had to pound it back in!
Sunday we went fishing again, in the wind! we were just waiting for the storm to come, we didnt catch any fish we did catch alot of grass! We were just finishing up our dinner and I went into the ten to do something, and I saw little puddles of water, yep we were getting flodded! so we decided to but all the non food items that were in our cars in the tents and sleep in our cars for the last night, good thing we did too because it rained all night, and all the next day, there is even snow on the mountains.
I did get some great pictures so here are some of them;
C and H playing Dominoes

L and J Playing Saturday's sky

really roughing it!

Sunday's Storm coming in, still really pretty


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