Re-evaluating Fly Lady

So I am trying to think of a better way to do this whole Fly Lady thing, I need the list of what I have to do, but I am thinking that there is no need to post a list to my blog EVERYDAY! so then, what do I do? maybe I will just post on the first day, sometimes Monday sometimes Tuesday, and then again on Friday, my big cleaning day, I don't really know. got any ideas? what about if I posted my weekly "to do list" on the side bar and then took it off as it was finished? hmmm that might work... lets try that for a bit and see how it works, no challenges over there, they are too long, so I will post only those on a daily basis.

If you Fly and have other ideas please let me know!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to give up the whole FlyLady thing because I found myself being too OCD about it. Instead, each Monday I focus on one room in the house and clean it as best as I can given all the other work I have to get done (I work at home). And, each of the other days of the week, I make it point of putting things away and straightening up a little each time I walk into a room so there's never anything overwhelming to deal with.

September 11, 2008 at 4:45 PM


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