Finishing Fly lady for the week

If today's list looks like an exact copy from yesterday that's because it pretty much is, but have no fear! I am going to finish it all today! so here it is;

Entrance list,
1. Dust baseboards
2. Sweep vacuum or mop the floor

Dinning room list,
1. Clean the window
2. Clean and straighten any drawer
3. Dust the bottoms of the chairs.
4. Dust the baseboards
5. Move furniture and vacuum underneath (except the china cabinet)

Front Porch list,
1. Sweep down cobweb and spider webs
2. Sweep off porch furniture.
3. Sweep the porch.
4. Throw away any dead plants.
5. Wipe off tables, banisters, and light fixtures.

Then the little list for today;
grocery list, and I even did the shopping already!!
clean out the fridge
iron half way done only 4 more shirts to go!
make next weeks menu


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