grocery budget 9/8-9/14

I had 10.00 left over from last week so my budget for this week (well I guess next week) was 28.00 I made my list this afternoon and already did my shopping! I even got a few extras they are marked with *stars* heres what I bought

2 sara lee bread reg 2.49 got both free with coupon
*sara lee bagels 2.50
*cream cheese 1.26
coffee 3.49
*baking cocoa 2.69
*baking soda .79
pizza crust 2.49
pepperoni 1.69
shredded cheese 1.25
whipped topping 1.09
french fries 1.88
lettuce 1.29
texas toast 1.91 had a .45 coupon so only paid 1.46
milk 2.50

I paid 25.74
so I still have 2.84 left in the budget for next week, I dont know what thats going to buy, but cactus pears are on sale 3 lbs for .99 and bananas are on sale 4 lbs for .99 so we can still get some of those!


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