Grocery Budget 1/15-2/15

I am going to start my grocery budget again... and since we just got paid and my food budget has started over I thought today was the perfect day. All money that is left over on 2/15/09 will be rolled to next months food budget. This will only be used to track groceries. Paper products, toiletries and all that other good stuff, will be different, I am not going to track that just yet.
I am planning a trip to Albertsons to stock up on Quaker stuff but I think that will only be 40.00 I also need to restock my freezer with meat, and that usually takes about 100.00
I am trying to do about 50-60 a week on everything else, so I am already @ 60.00 over budget!
oh well we will see how this goes, once the budget is gone, its gone.

so here we go....
Balance 314.00


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