Menu Plan and Updates

We are house hunting again this will be the third time and you know what they say, "third times a charm" so we are keeping our fingers crossed. We are feeling very hope full, we have a great agent and think that everything is going to work out.
So our menu might change day to day, because we may have to go out and look or sign papers so here is what I have planned for the week;
Breakfast and Lunches are the same
M- Sheppard's pie, (I have to make this, this afternoon since we are going to look at houses)
T- Drumsticks, rice and veggies
W- Pork Chops, Pasta, veggie
Th- Whole chicken and whatever I can come up with
F-Chili Verde
Sat- Maybe pizza
Sun- who knows... (anything that we don't get to this week, or a buffet of leftovers.)


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