A new menu and some superstition

Its only Tuesday but already the menu plan is messed up! No worries I imagine our whole world will be this way until we are in a new home! so here is the new menu (old is in italics)
M- Sheppard's pie, (I have to make this, this afternoon since we are going to look at houses, my MIL came over so I didn't get to making this but I made spaghetti sauce at about 4pm and we went looking at houses and didn't get home until 830 so we went and got burritos)
T- Spaghetti and Texas toast, and a veggie. (sauce is already made) Drumsticks, rice and veggies
W- Pork Chops, Pasta, veggie
Th- Whole chicken and whatever I can come up with
F-Chili Verde
Sat- Sheppard's pie maybe pizza
Sun- who knows... (anything that we don't get to this week, probably drumsticks rice and veggies, or a buffet of leftovers.)
I am not going to jinx anything so I am just going to say that out of the 7 houses that we looked at last night we liked 3, 2 of them we could see ourselves in for ever and one just as a starter home, when I have more confirmed information I will share!


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