Menu and budget

We went and did out shopping on Sunday afternoon, here's the breakdown;

6 bell peppers 2.00
4 heads lettuce 2.00
16 oranges 1.28
cilantro .60
3 limes .99
rolls 2.47
parsley .67
cut carrots 1.48
4 red potatoes 1.35
2.39# bananas 1.15
turkey bacon 2.00
rotini 1.28
spaghetti 1.28
peach tea (mixes, so water doesn't get boring) 1.76
heavy cream .88
2 tomato paste 1.00
brown mustard .96
south western mustard 1.50
3 2 liters Pepsi 3.00

total 27.65

skinny cow ice cream 3.98
2 cups of ice cream for the kiddos 2.00
total 5.98

total spent 33.63
balance left 5.24

phew that was close!
here's the menu for the week

Monday Chicken and sausage pallela
Tuesday cheesy chicken carbonara w/fettuccine
Wednesday Italian style pot roast with veggies
Thursday pork chops with hoisin sauce and mixed veggies
Friday Spicy chicken tortilla soup
Saturday Philly cheese steak sandwiches
Sunday Bow ties with tomato vodka sauce

wowsa I can not wait for this weeks meals, I just wish there was someone that would come and cook them for me. Any volunteers?


Blogger twomoms said...

I deleted a comment I had regarding my cheap peppers and lettuce, I get them from Walmart, but I price match Rancho market.

January 12, 2010 at 1:04 PM


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