Menu 8/5-8/11

We are still living the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle; we are only eating 1 serving of a meal and eating leftovers, we use to cook a new meal everyday and then have a CORN (clean out the refrigerator night) every week, well financially that wasn't really working out, and after eating raw for 10 days and only having salads, eating leftovers are not so bad. So now we are cooking 2-3 meals a week and still having a corn buffet one day. Here is our menu for next week,

breakfast is always a smoothie sometimes with a muffin and lunch is always raw (a salad or sliced veggies and hummus) Hailey eats at school, snacks are fruit and nut mix, Lara bars, and fresh fruits and veggies;

8/5 grilled steaks, (ok so this isnt vegetarian AT ALL, but its a holiday) grilled zucchini, and macaroni salad
8/6 Veggie Chimichangas, green salad and fruit
8/7 Spinach pasta, Texas toast, salad
8/8 Grilled fish (rainbow trout free from our friends fishing trip) zucchini, fruit
8/9 veggie chimichangas mixed fruit
8/10 spinach pasta, fruit, and zucchini
8/11 CORN buffet


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