Meal planning Monday and other stuff

Well My Meal Plan this week is not like those that you would find over at I'm an organizing junkie, this week the plan is, to not have a plan! I didn't do any grocery shopping last week, well I did just not Major I for the pg promo on the 15Th and then we went to Albertsons and used a few of our rain checks to stock H up on drinks for the school year, and a few other random things for free movie tickets, but that was about it! so this week I thought that we could try to do the same, of course on Weds when the new ads come out and there is a great sale we will be stocking up, but other then that we are just going to use what we have on hand. (I am going to go to smiths tomorrow to get in one last pg deal) So our menu is going to look like this,

Monday, Taco salad
Tuesday, beef roast in the crock with potato
Wednesday, chicken, rice, and a veggie
Thursday, Not cooking probably going out for Pioneer day
Friday Spaghetti

Not too exciting, but its what we have on hand so looking back I guess it is a plan!
So 7/7 I started watching the cutest little girl her name is "N" she is 2 years old and a typical 2 year old! she is in to everything, that's why I don't spend too much time blogging as I should! but no biggie I am sure you all understand! this week I only have her Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so Tuesday and Thursday I will blog something!
Also it is almost time for H to come home, we are so excited, we miss her so much! we were out shopping yesterday, well mostly window shopping, and we found ourselves saying "H would like this" an awful lot, usually when she is gone the first month is the easiest after that we notice that we are asking about her and talking about her alot more, that's how we know it is time for her to come home! After she gets here we are going to be really busy getting her ready for school but that's okay with all the 0.01 and 0.05 sales she should be ready pretty quick! well that's all for today I will be blogging later on this week!


Blogger Kiy said...

Your menu looks like a plan to me! :) We have taco salad on the menu this week too, must be that hot sticky time of year that just calls out ... cold salad! Have a nice week! Kiy

July 22, 2008 at 8:12 AM


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