So its @ 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and here I sit at my kitchen table blogging, on L's computer, with an ice cold corona at my side.... I know its only 3 but its my birthday, and I can do WHATEVER I want! This would be the one exception to the "never drink alone" rule! any ways, I just got back from Smiths they are having a Mega sale going on, so I got all my coupons ready and walked over (yes walked) and once I got there I said to myself "self do you really need to participate in this sale?" I came to the conclusion that, I didnt so I got what I need and a few extras and left! I was so proud of myself! so here's what I got;

2 cartons Pacific Chai, one regular for me and one caffeine free for H when she gets home, on close out for 1.99
4- 1.25# packages (so 5#) ground Turkey on managers special for 1.29 eack
2- Crystal light ice tea free wyb 3 kraft products ( Koolaid counts)
7- Koolaid packets, i got an extra I only needed 6, .21 each
1- 3 # package chicken thighs for enchiladas tonight, 5.99

so total of 16.34, not the greatest but I need the chicken and the turkey is cooking right now I am going to leave 2#'s plain, and 3 #'s season with taco seasoning and freeze it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! I would share a drink with you, if I lived closer. Heck... I'll have one in your honor anyway.

You've been tagged!

July 29, 2008 at 5:41 PM


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