Saturday I went to Target without my coupons, I know depressing right!? (okay maybe not for you, but for me) Of course the one day that I travel without them I see good deals! They had these "value packs" that they put out about once a year, it is basically regular itmes bundled, well after a few weeks they mark them down, right now they are at 15% off, not the greatest deal ever but still its good. So when I got home I pulled coupons and today I went and picked up

6 full size Olay Ribbons
6 full size Olay Bars
2 Full Size Old Spice Red Zone
3 Travel size quech body lotion
1 Olay body wash 6.8 oz
3 Puffs
1 body scruber

I paid 13.40 that I had on a gift card
I kinda averaged it out to what I would pay at walmart and I think it would have been some where in the 30.00 collar range, but probablly would have been more! Each set was 3.82 I had 4 1.50/1 Olay coupons and 1 1.00/1 red zone!
I am going to break up the Olay ribbons bundles and use them for gift baskets at christmas, so it you are a friend or family member and you are reading this, you already know what one of your gifts could be!


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