Our HBA stockpile

Now we are California girls and we have never heard of anyone "stockpiling" that's not to say that no one in CA does this but we have never seen or heard of it before moving to UT, I know now that there are house's all over the US that do this and it not one of those "Utah things" but I have to tell you it was the best thing that I ever started doing since being a SAHM! I know that alot of people asked us when we started "why do you do this" "why buy so much" well for the most part the term Buy should be used very loosely! take for instance our Kotex stock, do we really need 70 boxes of pads? No this month we don't, but there are 3 girls in the house, and I have gotten them all for free, they never expire, so why not have them? this goes for everything we have in there,
52 shampoos (and conditioner) got them all for less then .50 a piece, I wont pay more then that for shampoo, there was a time however when we were paying about 10.00 a month for shampoo (it was probably more then that) and they are all good shampoos, herbal essences, loreal vive, and pantene!
20 toothbrushes, again we don't need them but alot of them were only .25 and we change them out ever 2 months so that's only about 1 year supply, if they go on sale again for really cheap or free I will get more!
37 bars of soap- I think we only paid at the most .30 for a 2 pack, these again are name brand, good soaps, Olay and Dial
18 tubes of toothpaste - we use about 1 a month so that is only a little more then a years supply as soon as they go free or cheaper then .25 I will get more.
12 aarid deodorants I use about 1 a month, sometimes I will be half way threw one and decide I want a different scent, instead of running to the store and spending 2.89 on one I just have to go to the closet!
There are some things that we get cheap-er with coupons, but dont really stock up on, H and I (C) aren't too picky when it comes to our things, L on the other hand, has found brands that work for her and sticks to them, those things we usually by 5 at a time, (old spice body wash, right Guard deodorant) they are hard to get free, or really really cheap so when we have a little extra cash we pick them up, just so that when the budget is tight we already have them on hand.
Now when I say that I wait for things to go on sale to stock up I don't mean that I clear the shelf's, I don't think I have ever not left a few behind, I know how upsetting it can be when you are at home planning out a trip to the store only to get there and find that the 1 thing that you really wanted was not there, if I already have a stockpile of something and it goes free-cheap I will usually only get 3-6 of whatever that item is, now there is an exception to this rule of mine, and I hope that I don't get any negative comments for this one, the PG promo has been going on for 13 days, today is the last day, this afternoon when I was there, I left about 20 + bottles of shampoo (someone else cleared out the conditioner) I am planning on going back tonight after dinner and using the rest of my coupons and getting more shampoo.... its the last day of the sale first off, and it was a really long one, I wont get a rain check for this item because it is on a special promo and they cant adjust it to the correct price. I really don't think that there is anything wrong with me or anyone for that matter doing it this way, If i go in the store tonight and see that the shelf is cleared, well then "oh well no biggie"
so with all that said here are pictures of our stockpile;

Before they got stacked up! Remeber this is only our HBA closet we have tons of other things stockpiled cereal is a big one so is Toliet paper, but I will post those pictures when I get it all cleaned up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your blog on PYP and had to snoop. I hope you don't mind. I love seeing your stockpile. Will you come and organize mine? I noticed that you use a piece of cardboard to stack your shampoo and conditioner. What a brilliant idea! I'm going to have to spend the weekend downstairs reorganizing mine, now!

July 24, 2008 at 4:40 PM


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