Pioneer Day

Yesterday was Pioneer day, Now what does that mean for us? a day off of work, with pay! For some it is a huge deal, it is some sort of Mormon "holiday" we are not exactly sure what it is. So how did we spend our Pioneer Day? well....

*630 am- got up, got changed, walked the neighborhood passing out Avon books
*730-815 took showers and yes put on a nice fresh pair of pajamas!
*815-930 watched "Over my Dead Body" until Buster (the cat) decided that it would be a good idea to put a whole in the air mattress!
*930-10 went and got a new air mattress, and stopped at petsmart for some "soft claws"
*10-1030 dropped off a few Avon receipts around the neighborhood
*1030-11 made/ate breakfast
*11am-700 pm- watched movies (yes all day) Welcome home Roscoe Jenkins, Meet the Browns, 21, and DrillBit Taylor (well we actually napped during this one)
*700 went to go return the above movies at the RedBox, and get some Sonic for dinner
*730-10 watched more movies!! Big Love season 1 disk 4 (it was really scratched so we didn't get to see all of it) September Dawn (what an intense movie I would not suggest watching this movie before bed)
*10pm- Bed!

So that's what we did while most were braving the heat (it was about 1 million degrees out yesterday) having picnics, watching parades and fireworks, we stayed in and had one of our "Lazy Sundays" on a Thursday it was so wonderful!


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