C and her new Miche!!

What is a Miche? how dare you even ask! A Miche is a bag, only the coolest most greatest bag in the whole wide world! I know you are thinking what another Saturday and MORE bags? yes I know but this one I really wanted, more then all the others, I would have even taken all the others back just to have this one, okay that was the Heineken talking, I would not trade any of my bags for any other bag, I would just add more to my "collection"

Any how here is the story my mother-in-law (only the greatest that ever was) took us (me and L) to the Mall since my bday is next Tuesday, (that would be the 29th for those of you that are curious!) And as we are walking around, we stop at the Miche Bag cart, we are standing there for a few minutes chit chatting and she tells me "happy birthday, you are getting one!" at this point i am so excited, and L tells me "haha you just got punked" (of course seh was joking, but I was not laughing) I pick out the one I already know I want the "Baileigh" its the white one with the embroderied black and silver flower, then she tells me (brace yourself) "you are getting 6" what are you kidding me! Ugh I still cant get over it! so here is a picture of the ones I got:

Lindsay (except my brown stripes are darker)
Cream Emma (they were out of this one, so I got Pricilla as soon as it comes in I am going to exchange it)
So thats a Miche Bag!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You! I had never even heard of these bags until now. What a wonderful idea - you can change the look of your purse without having to change your purse. That's the sort of thing that you look at and think "why didn't I think of that". My MIL's birthday is coming up and I was stumped for ideas. I think I might have to head down to "the big city" and get one of these for her.

July 28, 2008 at 9:49 AM


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