I know that I said I was going to try not to go to the grocery store, in effort to cut gas and our grocery budget, but I walked and... it was a really good shopping day! here is what I got;

10 packs oscar mayer hot dogs- shelf price 3.49 had rain check for 1.00 plus .50 coupn
1/2 lb turkey lunch meat-2.11
12 ct. rolls from the bakery- shelf price 4/1.00- manager special 1.29
Crystal light- shelf price 4.49 had coupon for free crystal light wyb 3 oscar mayer products (3 of the hot dogs)
Kraft Italian dressing- shelf price 2.19 had coupon for free kraft dressing wyb oscar mayer products (3 of the hot dogs)
Kraft cheese-shelf price 4.99 had coupon for free kraft cheese wyb oscar mayer products (3 more of the hot dogs)
12 herbal essences shampoos-shelf price 3.00 each(36.00) had coupon 3.00/2 bottles plus the Pg promo was still going on so I got 12 more dollars off so ended up paying only .50 a bottle!!
1 bag tortilla chips-shelf price 1.69 on close out for .69
total before coupons and card- 54.53
after- 21.36

for some reason the picture loaded funny so i dont have one this time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I love walking to the grocery store. It makes me feel like I'm saving even more money, and I feel so much more productive because I also get a little exercise. I only fill up my car once a month because of it. Now that I've started walking to the grocery store to get my stuff it feels weird to drive there. ;)

You'd be surprised how much stuff I can cram in the bottom of a stroller. People around my neighborhood probably think I'm a bag lady or something because I walk everywhere to do my errands and I'll come home with stuff shoved in the bottom of my stroller and bags hanging from the handles. :)

Plus, my little girl behaves better in a stroller than she does in a shopping cart.

I've seen a lot more people out walking or riding bikes since the gas prices have gone up. I even saw a little family in Smith's today pulling a wagon to carry their groceries home. I love it!

July 24, 2008 at 4:51 PM


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