Why am I up so early!!!

I got up when L went to work, I think it was about 5:15 am, I layed on the "bed" (actually a air mattress in our living room because its just too hot to sleep upstairs) until about 530 then got up balanced the check book (everything was good) showered by 545. cleaned our room a little, so there are now no little piles everywhere! N came at 630 and now here I sit.... 710, 711, 712.... what to do, what to do.... I know I will check out Fly Lady, I know a ton of people that love it and a ton of people that hate it, I have been reading like a mad person and I am thinking that I really want to try it, and if L sees it I think she will love it, you see L is all about organization, and de-clutter (I think its a little OCD but whatever that's a topic for another day!) My messes have never turned into an argument, however, they have turned into;

L-"wheres my______________(insert whatever here)"
C-"I don't know where did you put it"
L-"I gave it to you!"
C-"No I don't think you did" (shuffling threw stacks of nonsense)
L-"yes I did I said "here can you put this_____ (whatever) where you put all the other__(whatevers)
C-"L you did not give it to me, I have no idea what you are talking about"
L-"fine I don't know why I give you stuff, I don't know how you ever find anything on that desk"
C-"babe sorry here it is"

So in an effort to never be wrong again (I know, I know when am I ever really wrong? never) I might as well just give this a shot! I mean it is going to be the first of a new month and it is 2 days after my 23 (+4) birthday, so technically I am working on a pretty clean slate, and I would assume that a clean slate is where you should begin cleaning! And if it doesn't work out all I have to do is hit delete on the 20-30 (yes 20-30) emails I receive daily!
So I will try to post about "fly" daily however I may not have time with all the cleaning, de-cluttering and what-not I will be doing. (I think I am feeling sick already, maybe I can get a Dr's note)



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