I ran to the store to get L some more country time lemonade (its her new favorite) and I still have 15 free crystal light when you buy whatever coupons, that are expiring the end of the month, So here's what I got:

6 pop tarts on sale for 1.50 used 1.00/2 coupon, paid 1.00 each
2 Yogo bits on sale for 1.50 used 1.00/1 coupon, paid .50 each
3 crystal light used free coupon
1 country time lemonade 3.29
1 Kroger spaghetti sauce 1.00
8 kool aid packets .21 each

total spent 12.67 plus a 2.00 thank you from Kraft coupon printed so that makes my total 10.67! and after doing the math that means I can get 9 kool aids and 3 more crystal lights free the next time I go shopping, maybe tomorrow morning! (12 more coupons to use)


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