I went to Smiths to get corn for tonights dinner and then thought that since I was there I might as well get everything that I needed for this weeks dinner, its going to be too hot to make more trips, so heres what I got for 25.45;

Wonder Hotdog buns 2.00 (free after coupon)
Grandma sycamoore bread 1.50
Kroger frozen spinach .69
2 heads lettuce 1.29 each
4 corn on the cob .35 each
2 kraft cheese 2.50 each
13 Kool-Aids .21 each
5 Crystal light (free after buying kool aid and cheese)
large pasta shells 1.29
Ricota cheese 6.99 (ouch I know)
Bacon 2.89
I used the 2.00 thank you coupon from kraft.
before coupons my total was 49.49
after 25.45 so not too bad I saved abotu 50% it could have been worse!


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