8/5 Shopping

We had to go and get our red shirts for Lagoon so we stopped at Walmart, and got that, then as we were leaving we noticed a shopping cart full, I mean full of Sunday papers, L asked me what I thought they did with them, I told her that I thought the newspaper came and picked them up and took them back for recycling, she asked the manager if we could go threw them and get the coupons, the lady said "sure we just throw them out in the dumpster" so we ended up with a TON of inserts, and for all you couponers out there you know that there were 3 sets in the paper! we got about 30 of each!! I have them posted on both of my coupon sites, I am trying to unload them!
After that exciting trip, we headed to Smiths, I didn't do the Mega event at all (for 14 days) I was so proud of myself, but I couldn't hold back any longer! We got,

4 Rice krispie treats (used 2-1.00/2)
6 Kens salad spray (used 6-2.00/1)
10 keebler Cookies (used 5-1.00/2)
After coupons and 2 -5.00 for the event we paid, 11.57! And we are going to send for the mail in rebate that came in the Sunday paper (which I have 32 of!) and get 10.00 back so actually we only paid 1.57 for everything!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toss them in the garbage? Do they not know how valubale those are?!?

I always wondered why grocery store employees don't jump on the coupon band-wagon. After seeing how much money you can save you'd think they'd figure it out themselves.

By the way... I'm seriously sore from yesterday's cleaning. I didn't stop until 9:00 last night! My house is sparkling, but it's amazing that I'm still finding things that I need to do.

August 6, 2008 at 7:50 AM

Blogger Stacy said...

Way to go on scoring all those coupons! I'm jealous :)

August 6, 2008 at 9:53 AM

Blogger JANE4girls said...

OMG..RUN to walgreens, when you do the transactions today you get 2 $5 rr instead of one!

check my blog for what I got!

August 8, 2008 at 1:25 PM


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