our weekend in review and then some

Saturday was AWESOME! We had to go to an open house at the little ladies school for next year, we headed to Cafe Rio for lunch, and then took a trip to FYE for some new (used) music, The Offspring circa 1997 and some Bon Jovi!
We went to the drive in which I LOVE! we watched Fast 5 and Source Code, Fast 5 was really good if you have seen all 5 you will love it. Source code, hmmm not so great. We took pizza and kfc wings, tons of snacks and or course blankets as soon as Water for Elephants gets there we will be going again (keeping my fingers crossed)

Sunday we were planing on hanging out around the house, doing laundry maybe some yard work. But how fun is that, instead we went shopping! Grumpy got some new work out shoes and clothes, I got a new yoga mat and dd got some new under clothes from Justice (with coupon of course!!)

I am starting to rebate again and this time I WILL NOT STOP! I sent out my first one today 10.00 coming back on all my chicken that I bought last Friday. We need to supplement our "stuff" purchases and what better way to do it, then with rebates.

We have $69.00 in our grocery budget which needs to last till May 15 so we will see how that goes...


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