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Next weeks menu;
9/12 Black bean enchiladas, Spanish rice, fruit

9/13 Penne with vodka cream sauce, zucchini, and Texas toast

9/14 grilled fish

9/15 black bean enchiladas, rice and fruit

9/16 Penne with vodka sauce zucchini

9/17 morningstar buffalo wings with fruit

9/18 CORN

Last week was a busy one, Monday was labor day we picked our first watermelon from the garden and it really didn't have much flavor so we were just going to toss it and then we had a better idea;
The boys thought it was delicious! Now I cant cut a watermelon in the kitchen without them underfoot!
We also spent alot of time looking at furniture, we were thinking that we wanted a new bedroom set but we decided that we would wait until just a little longer to make the big purchase.

Wednesday was Haileys first soccer game they won 2-1. There was one girl that scored both goals, she is a friend of ours cousin so that was pretty cool, it would have been cooler if it was Hailey but maybe next game.

This weekend we are headed to the fair!


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