FlyLady Day 2

So last night not so bad! I got my sink cleaned, it was pretty easy, today I only have 1 day to clean my Zone which is the front porch, entry way(we dont really have one of these) and dining room all I have to do is this, "For the Front Porch, Entrance and Dining Room, put out the fires that are burning in your hot spots. Get rid of the cobwebs by the front door, get rid of the pile of junk mail, and put away the magazines and back to school papers that are piled on the dining room table."

and this

Dining room (before and after pics at the bottom of this post!)
X Clean the cobwebs (not too many Buster eats all the spiders)
X Dust window sills
X Clean the window (didnt do this it is toooo hot out)
X Clean doors of china cabinet after you straighten dishes if they need done.
X Dust
X Clean and straighten any drawer
X Clean off top of Dining table and Polish
X Dust the baseboards (I just swept them)
X Move furniture and vacuum underneath
X Add your own personal touches to the table (runner and candles both will be gone by Monday, N will mess them up.)

and this

Front Porch
X Sweep down cobweb and spider webs
X Sweep off porch furniture.
X Sweep the porch.
X Throw away any dead plants. didnt have any
X Wipe off tables, banisters, and light fixtures.
X Get rid of unwanted items.
Add your own personal touches to welcome friends and family (wreath, welcome mat, bell)
(didnt have anything to add)
**this took me less then 10 minutes**

and of course the stuff that I put on my personal "to do list"

X Iron
X clean out the fridge
X do meal planning and make grocery list

So what in the world am I doing sitting here! I have to get started its 10 L gets home at 430 then we are going to go run around if I have my meal planing done we may go shopping. I have to get a new shirt for my birthday dinner on Saturday, and we need to pick up a perscription, after that I think I am going to be done with the whole cleaning thing for the day.
I will put a red X next to the things on the list once they are done. maybe that will motivate me!



So sparkly!



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