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I can hear the term "shelf clearer" already! but I don't care, I have been looking for these darn notebooks since they went on sale for .05 and because of other shelf clearer's, like myself (sorta) I have never been able to get them, now I use the term "shelf clearer" very loosely, because i don't know who or how many people bought them it could have been 1 person or it could have been 80, i don't know, what I do know is this, every time I go there is none except Saturday! We went in and headed straight to the back to school section I found 1 box with a few, about 3 they were all massed up, but after further investigation I found a full box of nice pretty notebooks sitting there with my name on it (well not really) then i headed to the actual office section and found 5 more boxes! So technically I did clear the shelf in the front, but if you look in the back there are still (well they were there when I left) 3 boxes sitting there. We are going to donate half of them to H's class and the other ones are already packed up in a box for later use, we paid 3.75 for 75-70 sheet notebooks.

Also on Saturday we went out for my b-day, (it was last Tuesday but if you forgot I am still accepting gifts) I will post pictures later on for whatever reason they are loading funny again!
Just a reminder in case you didn't know Gay Day at Lagoon is August 10, 2008... that can be taken as either a reminder if you want to attend and forgot or as a warning if you were thinking about going on that day...... (lol, I thought that was funny)
If you are going, be sure to wear RED!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tee-hee... that comment was actually funny.

I'm so glad you were finally able to find some notebooks. I have also been looking for them, with no luck of course. Until Saturday - I totally forgot about them and was just strolling by and noticed an entire display FULL of them. I got two cases (along with a handful of college-ruled ones)and my husband thought I was crazy for getting that many. My SIL went to get some early Sunday morning and they were G.O.N.E.

Did you see the mail-in-rebate form in Sunday's paper for $5 in free school supplies? It was next to the Sure deodorant and Pert Plus coupons. When you buy $5 in either Pert or Sure you get $5 back for school supplies via mail in rebate. You have to send your receipts for the school supplies and Pert/Sure with the UPC Codes written on the back. If you go to Wal-Mart and buy two Pert Shampoo's for $2.88 each you've spent your $5 in Pert/Sure. Use two of your $2 off Pert coupons, which knocks $4 off. You end up spending only $1.76 in Pert (I'm hoping that they'll count the $5 I spent BEFORE coupons?)

This would be a great way to get those notebooks (and even a few more school supplies) for FREE.

Oh... and while I was standing in the checkout line someone made a comment about me buying two cases of notebooks. She looked at me, rolled her eyes and said "Hmmm... two cases of notebooks. That's a lot, isn't it?" in a snotty little tone. Then the checker told her that he's had people come through who have bought 800 notebooks. Woa! Those people are shelf clearers - not you and me with our lousy little 2 cases worth. ;)

August 4, 2008 at 7:29 AM


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