Another weekend

We made it threw another busy (too short) weekend, we did so much Saturday we went to the down town library to see the Anne Frank exhibit, then took a walk to the Gateway, then headed over to BIL and SIL housewarming party were we ate way too much good food. We have been trying to start painting our back living room for some time now, and Sunday was the big start day, we have been working on it from 545am-800am and 830pm-945pm everyday since, and we are so close to being done, all we have left is a big wall and a short wall and hang the curtains then we are done for the week, this weekend we are doing the base boards. SO we are moving right along, by the time our 1 year anniversary hits (5/4) we will have another room done! Some time in 2010 you will see a new and improved kitchen no more country pink, I cant wait!



Wow its been awhile and I am not really sure why, I guess I have just been pre-occupied with things that have been going on, I am going to try to post much more! Lets see whats new...

Grumpy Started bodybuilding a few weeks ago so we are spending alot more time at the gym well still 5 days, but it seems like more, since we are there for @1.5 hours every time. I still have 6 lbs to lose until I am going into maintenance mode, so far I have lost 36 lbs and Grumpy 46 lbs so we are still working on weight loss. Now if these last six would fall off as easy as the first 6 then I would be a happy camper!

Snow white was baptized, got her first Communion and confirmed on Easter weekend.

We paid off another credit card so we only have 3 more to go! I have to update all the tickers so Ill do that next.
Here are a few pictures;