day 3

I have sucsesfully finished 3 straight days of ripped in 30 only 27 more days to go! Today while I was getting a container from the bottom cupboard I thought I was never going to get up! my legs are killing me! my upper arms are sore. But it is what I asked for! if I think I am going to wear short sleeve anything this summer (if it ever gets here) I must stick it out!

I ate very good yesterday (except for the potato salad but I only had a little) and so far today too, granted it is only 9am, baby steps!

Hopefully this rain stops soon we are suppost to have a yard sale this Saturday, and family pictures on Sunday so we are keeping our fingers crossed.


Me and Jillian

Today I am going to start Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred... I am still debating the meal plan because I dont want to have to make 2 separate dinners, we are all eating a slow carb dinner and I think that will be just fine, I have to get use to eating breakfast because I dont do that every day like I should. Her snacks are pretty easy and are mostly things that we already have in the house. Same goes with lunch. I am going to start today! I know this isnt the same as grumpy's pure workout classes, but it should help me build some muscle. I am still going to run 3 days a week and do this 5-6 days.

I think I will do some before and after pictures, but I will just store them until I am sure that the "afters" look better.

So if you are friends with me on facebook, or in real life, and do not want to go one this 30 day trip with me well then lets not talk until mid June.


More yard work

Could it be 2 post's in one day! Oh yeah! This week I am going to spend at least one hour a day (4-5pm for those that want to come and help) working on this mess...Thats our shed... and our small forest of weeds, you can tell the difference between the weeds and the grass! last year we paid someone to come and clean it out, clearly I did not keep up on the process, and here we are again! This year as I pull I will be adding black weed guard to prevent this from happening again! here is what I did today;
Coal helped remove the big rocks, what a nice guy! We are not too sure what we are going to do once all the black paper is down, but at least we are starting somewhere!

busy busy

We have a really busy few weeks coming up...

Last weekend was no exception, Saturday Grumpy and I went on a 2.5 mile run, we went fishing didnt catch anything, then we planted our garden I have been wanting to do this since we bought the house I am so excited to see if we can do it!
Sunday we did 6 loads of laundry and went shopping. In the weeks to come, we are going to have a yard sale, take family pictures, maybe head to the lake, the little lady has a math test for her charter school next year and then we will end with a 2 day trip to Vegas.I am still working on my 5k training, it is going well I have moved outside and that is alot harder, when people tell you that you can go from the treadmill to the outside as long as your treadmill is done at a 1.5 incline, dont believe them, they are lying to you! just go outside from day one it will make life easier. Also I ordered Jillian Michael's 30 day shred it is currently on its way, I will let you know how that goes.

Grumpy is still working out at PureWork out. I am trying really hard to not enable her when it comes to junk food, but its just so hard. We are going to do good for the next 2 weeks for sure because we know we have a Vegas road trip coming up and that always means junk food.
As far as our grocery budget is going, I have 48.00 in rebates that I am waiting for. I had 94.00 for this week and have only spent @ 50.00 of that so what ever is left over from this week will roll into next week. Farmers market is coming up soon too! and since we now have our garden in we will save on some things once that starts producing.

We planted;



*banana pepper

*sweet peas



*bell pepper




In case you were wondering...

Grumpy is in week 5 of her bootcamp training, and she has been working really hard... her only down fall is coffee! Today she turned down cake just so she could have a nice cup of joe tomorrow! she is crazy I mean CAKE really! anyways, yesterday she was measured and lost a total of 9 inches! 9 inches are you kidding me! that is insane! Since she didnt loose any weight one would assume that fat was turned into muscle, if you see us on a once in awhile basis you can definitely tell the difference.

I don't know that I would turn down cake, but whatever she is alot stronger then I am cause that cake would have been calling me, like that doughnut I ate on Monday morning, but thats another story that I will never tell!


We have eggs!

The little lady distracted the mom just enough and I was ready with my camera!

No waste week Day 1!

I started a no waste week after I had to throw away a WHOLE pineapple, and an unopened 1/2 gallon of Silk soy milk... This challenge will go on until 5/10 (and beyond hopefully)

Yesterday was my first day, I grilled Chicken breast and a few pieces of boneless ribs then I scoured the fridge for other things that I can grill... I threw a zucchini on there too and it was delicious! Today I am going to cut up a watermelon before that has to join the pineapple. Bell peppers are also on the menu very soon!


our weekend in review and then some

Saturday was AWESOME! We had to go to an open house at the little ladies school for next year, we headed to Cafe Rio for lunch, and then took a trip to FYE for some new (used) music, The Offspring circa 1997 and some Bon Jovi!
We went to the drive in which I LOVE! we watched Fast 5 and Source Code, Fast 5 was really good if you have seen all 5 you will love it. Source code, hmmm not so great. We took pizza and kfc wings, tons of snacks and or course blankets as soon as Water for Elephants gets there we will be going again (keeping my fingers crossed)

Sunday we were planing on hanging out around the house, doing laundry maybe some yard work. But how fun is that, instead we went shopping! Grumpy got some new work out shoes and clothes, I got a new yoga mat and dd got some new under clothes from Justice (with coupon of course!!)

I am starting to rebate again and this time I WILL NOT STOP! I sent out my first one today 10.00 coming back on all my chicken that I bought last Friday. We need to supplement our "stuff" purchases and what better way to do it, then with rebates.

We have $69.00 in our grocery budget which needs to last till May 15 so we will see how that goes...