Hello Little bird!

We have a nest in the back yard. The little lady spotted it from her bathroom window last weekend we went and checked it out on Sunday, and it was empty. Today I went to look again and the mom was in there her little head poked out of the top and then she flew out. I must have scared her, because she flew into the next tree and started to sqwak like crazy, I took off! I didnt want Grumpy to come home and find me in the back yard being attacked by little red robins! so I went back to the bathroom hoped in the shower and took some pictures...

I am sure that after she sat by making awful noises at me her hubby came and checked out the seen and made sure I was not going to harm her and then sent her home to tend to the nest, I wont be trying that again... at least not while I am home alone!


Is it Friday?

We had a weird weekend, I am still trying to figure out where it went. Friday Grumpys little sister stayed the night and they watched scary movies, the little lady and I watched girly movies. Saturday was just lazy, Mortal Kombat was on the TV for about 7 hours.

Easter came and it was finally a day for binging! We signed up for the pancake revolution on IHOP's facebook page and got a coupon for a free Rooty Tooty... We got up early and headed over, we ate too much and when we went to pay, the cashier hit the wrong button, the asst. manager came to fix it the screen froze and she gave us are WHOLE meal free! The whole $39.00 Amazing deal!

Water for Elephants and fast and the furious were not playing at the drive in (hopefully this weekend) so on Easter we ended up at the dollar theater we watched Tangled (for the first time) and I am #4 both really good movies!

After we headed over to MIL's for a traditional Easter, ham dinner it was delicious, I am regretting not grabbing more to bring home!


Hello Blog

It has been awhile; I am not sure if I have been too busy to blog, or if I have not been busy enough. instead of starting from 4/5-now I will just give you a few updates.

*We went to a Jazz v Laker game it was alot of fun.
*We had our first "non holiday" family dinner, that was also fun, I am looking forward to planning a few more.
*We have been enjoying binge days
*family dates last weekend we went and watched Rio it was so funny! This weekend we are planning a double feature, Water for Elephants and Fast and the Furious 5.
*Grumpy and the little lady have found some bonding over Mortal Combat on the Xbox it is so funny to watch them play together.
*I am on week 4 of the couch 2 5k program and even got some new running shoes

On a not so "fun" note
*Grumpy had the flu for 5 days and had to take a day off work to recover she had to miss 2 boot camp classes, but is back at it
*My Great Grandma has been in the hospital in CA since Sunday. We considered taking the trip out there but it turned out that she is recovering nicely
*My mom has to go thru a few weeks of radiation therapy for her breast cancer.

I will Blog more, I will Blog more!



Saturday was Grumpy's first binge day and it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Today I am starting week 2 of the couch 2 5k program, I had to go to the dr and have an EKG done, apparently my body does not like to run, I have been having chest pains since I started and today I just couldnt take it anymore. Everything is fine I just have some inflamation on my chest wall. Grumpy knew this was the case but I still wanted to go see a dr. All is well and I am clear to continue to run! She is starting week 2 of her boot camp, I really should have taken before and after pictures because she has only gone 3 times so far and you can already see a difference in her shape, the scale is not moving but I think she is going down in inches! So that is GOOD! Her shift changed at work so now she will be home at 7pm instead of 830 some days and 10pm others it will be nice to have her here in the evenings to help with the dinner dishes!