1/31-2/6 Menu

1/31 Baked Chicken Rissoto and crnaberrys
2/1 Pork Chops and some other stuff that I have yet to figure out
2/2 Spring Chicken Skillet from last week
2/3 Open faced pits calzones
2/4 Chicken stroganoff
2/5 Tortilla soup
2/6 Spaghetti with meatballs



I am sitting in my office and I just turned around and saw this:

We spent all day re arranging our house and I was just making a pile of blankets to deal with later on. Well now it looks like by "dealing with" I mean washing! no point in moving him now, he is so comfy and warm maybe I will just go lay with him! it is almost like the princess and the pea, or maybe wheres waldo?


Meal Plan

Here is our meal plan for this week;

Monday- B cranberry steel cut oats L Hungry girl bowling for pizza D WW General Tso's Chicken
Tuesday- D WW baked potato soup (I can not wait to try this recipe!)
Wednesday- D Spring Chicken Skillet (all you mag)
Thursday-D Tomato w/white bean & pasta (all you mag)
Friday-D WW Saag Aloo
Saturday- D WW tortilla soup
Sunday- D Big Love-Big dinner-pork tenderloin, mashed cauliflower, green beans

Lots of new recipes this week, actually they are all new! I will probably post some pictures, and recipes. For breakfast and lunch I will just come up with some stuff the night before, leftovers mainly for lunches, and oats, breakfast burritos or parfaits for breakfast.


No spend day 6 and 7

Yesterday we...

went grocery shopping... a different account
went out to lunch thanks to MIL we helped her move furniture she got new windows.
picked up some money from my drop in
bought coffee using the chacha account

Today we are starting with
38.00 cash
187.00 in checking
Grumpy went to go get a haircut, and grab me a news paper.... I will update when she gets home.

Only 4 days left!


Day 4 and 5... 6 more to go!

Yesterday (day 4) went great, no money spent.

Today is day 5, and what can you do for free/or low cost when you have some time to spare, and have put your self on a restricted budget;

*take the bus downtown to meet your wife
*go and pick up a new sweater for her uniform, which is an XL even though she wears a L, good thing I have the ability to shrink fabric like no other, its kind of my superhero ability!
*go to Anchor Blue and have the security device removed from your shorts, only to find out that they are actually closing their doors on Sunday! not in 5 weeks :(
*go to 711 but 2 coffees and 2 glazed doughnuts.... oops not free used chacha so it doesn't count
*and finally when you have nothing to do on a Friday afternoon... you can go to the Social Security office and get a new card!! They are free! all you have to do is wait 30 minutes!


Challenge day 3

No spending today! Almost, I did get the 20.00 Amazon gift card for 10.00 that they were offering online but I used my ChaCha account, by Friday I should cash out another 50.00 so that will be awesome, since that account is just for us to do whatever.

We got a coupon from Great Clips for a 6.99 haircut, so now we can get 2 cheap haircuts! one on the 22nd and then another on 2/2!


Challenge, day 2

Today we will not spend! That is awesome I really don't think that we will spend for the next 4 days. Friday we are doing our grocery shopping (different account) Saturday we will be at MIL moving furniture for new windows, and Sunday we try not to leave the house, not for religious purposes, unless you call a lazy day religion which honestly sometimes I would like to, but because we are so busy from 8pm on Friday until @ 10pm on Saturday that we just like the thought of doing nothing on Sunday. So with that said.... we have 32.00 cash for a hair cut and gas we got some last night but we will need more by 1/27, and coffee on Saturday. I think we will be pushing it pretty tight. We still have the ChaCha account, since we are both guides for them I will keep it updated here!

We will see...


A new challenge!

We are going to try to go the next 10 days (1/17-1/27) only spending money on the following;

-haircut @15.00
-gas @20.00
-coffee on saturday @ 6.00
And just to be honest with myself, (and my 3 readers) 10.00 for Tanga.com purchases

We will see what happens....

No Spend Challenge 1/10-1/16 wrap up

Here is what happened with our no spend challenge...

.16 at petsmart
19.18 at Kmart; they are going out of business and we bought some Lego's and pens
36.08 Walmart; this was swiffer stuff, laundry soap trash bags and salt so no one dies in our yard
5.37 McDonalds; coffee and chocolate milk
8.63 extra tip for the groomers, we spent too much time out and felt bad
7.40 Fanzz; I bought some hats on 1/5 and we needed to get some spray to keep the white one white

All in all it went pretty well, the only thing we could have done without was the coffee. It was gross anyway!


No spend Challenge Day 5

We are going shopping at Anchor Blue (they are going out of business), I will report the damage when we get home!

It must be January

All over blogland someone is cleaning or reorganizing something, I wanted to get in on the action so I started in the kitchen here are some photos, now I know that some drawers look pretty bad, but I am jsut keeping it real here!!







I threw out a TON of stuff! And now I am done going to eat my pita!


No spend challenge day 4

Hello we have made it to day four! I know it is still early but unless PYP or Tanga post some AMAZING deal we are done for the day with 0.16 spent! And that's because we bought dog food.

Petsmart we had 40.00 budgeted, and of course they were having a sale so we bought some wet food too;
dry food 27.99
12 cans of wet food, (this is a once a week treat, and will last 12 weeks) 9.60
total with tax 40.16

So in the last 4 days we have actually spent 0.16 from our checking that was not planned for that's pretty good, we will see how days 5-7 go!

I would now like to add, that it is now 9:10pm, I just got my Tanga email and there is nothing we need, and pyp had been prtty good about posting deals for things I am not looking for, I am now turning the computer off, and going to watch Jersey Shore with my wife! (no need to re-read that, that's what I said!)


no spend challenge day 1-3

Well we are on day 3 of our no spend challenge and so far we have purchased;
*gas (doesnt count)
*3 rings (2.97 doesn't count, came from a different account)

We have to get the dogs groomed this weekend, and also Anchor Blue is going out of buisness, and they are marking down 30-50% so we are going to make a trip over there. We will see what kind of damage we do there. The plan is to do it with out using any credit!!


New windows!!

Part of our 2010 debt comes from our new windows that we got installed on 12/3 here's a picture of the old vintage ones; Don't mind the wall paper that will hopefully be gone this year, but that is our dinning room window, notice how there are 2 windows! That is vintage double pained!

And here is the new one; so shiny!!

No this is not a TV! It is the front living room window, before it was just 2 pieces of glass that you could not open and yet there was still a breeze, go figure!
And here is the new one from the outside;

I love them, now we can open the windows in the spring! And we are already noticing a difference in temperature around here. we can actually turn the heat off at night and not freeze in our sleep! And the graph that is on the utility bills are about half the size as they were last year! AMAZING. Now if the little lady would shorten her showers!!


Menu plan....

1/10 B- Cheesed up pepperoni pizza scramble, L-Italian bacon alfredo bowl D- mac and cheese cakes w/ham
1/11 L-turkey club wrap D chicken sausage and capers
1/12 L- sassy soulthwest eggrolls D chicken Fajita Pitas
1/13 B- Greek scramble L- LO Chicken and sausage D-sloppy Franks
1/14 L-Go Greek Chicken salad D Oven BBQ chicken with mop sauce
1/15 Extreme mega pizza pockets
1/16 BIG LOVE Roast with veggies

On days where there is no breakfast listed it is usually a fiber one parfait, or just banana or pumpkin bread.

We are working on a spend free week from now until 1/17 the only thing that we should purchase is gas and groceries... we will see how that goes!


New Year...

New blog!!

My New Years Resolution is to blog more! I have to post my menu, debt pay off plans, vacation plans, frugal living, all that fun stuff that it takes to run this crazy house!

I will be back later!