Fly Lady... part 2 **updated**

If you have been around long enough you know that I tried fly lady before and it didnt work in my itty bitty apartment, but now in my HOUSE i think it might work, and I think I might need it in order to keep everything in order I am going to re read the site this afternoon and probablly start tomorrow... thoughts??

**nope not going to do it, I dont want to, its to confussing again I just need to get on some sort of schedule, I dont want the house to get messy, and since I am still working with a clean slate I need to get my act together! So with that said, I am off to do last nights dinner dishes, make the bed and do a load of laundry. (I do make myself do one a day.)


Our weekend

We spent the long weekend kinda just hanging out Friday we found out that Market Street Grill had lobsters for 9.99 each (not per # but each) Snow White and I dont eat lobster, but Grumpy, her sister and mom do. So they ate that and Snow White and I had make your own pizza, they got them live and cooked them here.
Saturday we did the lawns and did some shopping, got haircuts and then went to the drive in and watched Night at the Museum 2 (yawn) and 17 again (so funny).
Sunday we had a few people over for Carne Asada and Poker.
Monday we did nothing (sorta)! we went to Sunflower Market and got cherries and a few other things, we watched Fred Claus and had quesadillas for dinner it was a pretty laid back weekend.

Snow White is leaving this Friday for the Summer, I cant believe its that time already.
Here are some photos;
Lobsters after the hot tub
Going to the dog park last weekend


Do you know...

how to fix a valve in the shower? We do! Grumpy works with some of the coolest people ever! they all know a little bit about something, yesterday when our shower was broken and I spent hours on the phone trying to get our warranty figured out (which we finally did) Grumpy was at work telling them what was going on, one lady said that she had the same problem and she knows how to fix it, well she came over last night, and within one hour (we had to go to Home Depot) and @ 18.00 its working just fine!
and we have a new skill well really Grumpy does I was just watching...
So a BIG thank you to all those that drive the bus and have handyman and woman skills, you all are saving us a ton of money!
Just so you can see it
*55.00 service call for the kitchen faucet cost us 40.00 for Mike to fix it
*55.00 service call for dishwasher cost us 0.00 and 2 minutes on the phone for Mike to tell us how to fix it
*55.00 service call for shower valves cost us 18.00 for Kay to come and fix it
so in total you all have saved us 107.00! and we have picked up some valuable homeowner skills along the way!


home warranty problems

Well here we are about to have our one month aniversary in our new home and we have a problem... we dont have a home warranty, the check was sent on May 4 from teh title company, and we have a policy # but we have no idea what company we are with, the company that we are suppost to be with has no record of us on file, our agent is MIA and the guys that I am working with all though they are great and being really helpfull they just arent moving quick enough for me!

You see right now we dont have any water! I had to shut it off this morning. Snow White was taking her shower and when she was getting out, the hot water wouldnt turn off I tried everything and it wouldnt budge, so now I am sitting here without water which is nice since it gives me a day off, no laundry no dishes, but at the same time it means no flushing! I want someone here now to fix it, but without knowing who is paying (because we are not) I cant get anyone! So we are a bit stressed! I looked online and apparently if the hot water doesnt turn off, it means that there is corrosion or rust and it needs a new knob, so if we can get someone out then maybe it will be a quick fix!

Ugh the stress of home ownership... it is worth it... right?


It was pointed out to me last night by Grumpy that I haven't blogged in 3 days, so for that I am sorry. And for not having anything to blog about and still blogging I am sorry too!

First of all I am SO happy that Kris won American Idol, or maybe just happy that Adam didn't, I know that that is an awful thing to say but whatever I think towards the end, with all of the judges praising him all the time his head got a little big, and he needed to be brought back down to earth.

I have been walking Coal everyday (well every week day) twice a day for the past 2 1/2 weeks and he loves is, we drop Snow White off at school and then take the 20 minute trek around the school I am thinking its about half mile from start to finish, I am not 100% sure about this since I lost my pedometer at the dog park last weekend. So he walks a mile a day, not including the time that he gets to play ball a the school with Grumpy after dinner, which I am sure he likes more then walks. I am thinking I should weigh myself and see if all this walking is doing anything...

I just finished A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks, it was really good, but after reading the jacket you kinda know whats going to happen and I hate that. I really like him so I am going to start collecting all of his books, I have, The Notebook, The Wedding, Dear John, and A Bend in the Road. A Walk to Remember is one of my all time favorite movies, so I am getting ready to order that one from bookmooch next. In all he has 13 novels written so I only need 9 more.

What else... its 630 am and I just started to water the lawn, last night grumpy figured out our sprinkler system but it needs a little tweaking, so until we figure that out i'll just do it myself, no biggie!


A Rant

Alot of you "know" me as a nice coupon clipping animal lover well here is where we turn the page, to the pissed off housewife/in home daycare provider...

I have been babysitting a little girl for about a year, and today I was given my 30 day notice of termination, which is what my contract requires (with the claus that if I feel my family is threatened I can quit at any time, no notice required) well what did this lady do, she went to her job (which is also Grumpy's job) and ran to a supervisor to tell them what was going on and that Grumpy was talking mess with other co-workers. Keep in mind this is the same woman, that when she walks into work she opens her mouth and tells everyone everything about her divorce, child support, who she is dating, and even sleeping with, the whole schabang. So with her doing that, I have terminated my contract, I am so over this lady and all her crap. I should be using the term "girl" because lady is a bit too mature for her. I have been doing daycare since we came out here and the families that I sit for have always been a delight, I don't think I have ever had this many problems, I know her whole life story, I know why her husband left, it goes as far as I have a copy of the ladies divorce decree, because she thought that I might need it, to prove child visitation. who does that? I would never just freely hand out such personal information.

I feel really betrayed, just last Thursday we asked her are you planning on taking her to another babysitter, she said no, what changed you might ask?

Well let me tell you, her ex husband and his new wife have over the past few months became our friends, and again I use the term loosely, I guess you could say acquaintances we chit chat on Wednesday's when they come to pick up the little girl, we talk with them regarding pick up times, and they invited us to a bar (did I say we went nope, it was just an invitation) they have a daughter the same age as Snow White so we are planning a play date just stuff like that, its not like we went out and bought BFF necklaces or anything... well that made her mad. Say it with me GROW UP!

I am at the moment typing up an itemized list of all the stuff that I am returning to her in about an hour, of course I have to have another witness here when she comes because she will cause problems for us just like she has for her ex... you know the saying every story has 2 sides, well I think that she is just upset because she found out that for the last 2 months, we have know both sides to the story and she got caught in her lies! Ugh I am so irritated I could scream, but instead I will have a few beers and then go to bed, and start the process of either finding a job outside of the house, or lining up some more kids... drama need not apply!


Grocery Shopping

We did a huge shopping trip on Friday night we had a budget of 293.87 to last us until the 15th of June, (so 73.00 a week) heres the damage;
Walmart Neighborhood Market (it was our first time there)
3 cans corned beef hash 4.14
2 cans beef broth 1.54
4 spaghetti sauce 3.76
24 pack water 3.68
2 jars pizza sauce 2.00
Horchata mix 2.34
Vanilla coffee creamer 2.98
Vanilla Caramel creamer 1.82
2 Powerade 1.56
Lactaid milk 3.64
sour cream 1.23
Rasp. vinaigrette 1.58
bag salad 1.78
3.48# bananas 2.33
total 34.38
balance for the week 38.62
4 cans olives 5.00
3 salsa 2.97
5 cans tomato sauce 1.00
2 cans mushrooms 1.04
4 Powerade 2.76
2 flour tortilla 1.98
12 yogurt 3.00
beef stew meat 7.36
3 liters soda 2.01
cinnamon rolls 3.49
big sticks 2.00
10 # potato 1.79
popcorn 1.79
popcorn 1.09
crab meat 2.89
3 things that I cant remember 2.69
total 42.86
total for the week -4.24 oops! I would have done just fine but I did alot of "extra" shopping, most of the canned food I only needed one but bought multiples just to have on hand. So that leaves us with 216.63 for the month, so 72.00 a week.


A regular weekend?

We just might have a regular no fuss weekend? No way... I'll believe it on Monday when the plan went like this;
Friday night;
Dinner, ball with Coal, grocery shopping, home to do NOTHING
Dog park, hair cuts, give dogs bath, water the lawns, and then NOTHING maybe bbq for dinner
NOTHING until 11 am then softball and of course ball or a walk with coal then more NOTHING

Sounds good right, however I have a feeling that it wont happen like that... we'll see
A few pictures;
Sam does not look happy to have the beast in his bed!

I woke him up from his post walk nap!


All done

We went last night and cleaned out the last bit of junk we had at the apartment, looking threw it, I kept saying I cant believe we lived in that place for 3 years, looking at what we have now its just kinda amazing. I am glad that its over with, Grumpy is going to go and do the walk threw this morning, and then we are done with it!

Today I dont have too much to do, of course I say that, and yet I am always busy... I think I just have to finish up some laundry and sweep. With these hard wood floors and 3 dogs, one which sheds enough to make a coat for the other 2, I find myself sweeping alot! I also have to find a home for all the junk I mean things that we brought over from the apartment last night, that shouldn't be too hard.

Oh yeah before I go, I would like to say Congrats to Stephanie on the sale of the old house and the purchase of the new one! WOO HOO!!



It turned out that the hot water pressure, needed to be turned up, I guess when the faucet was replaced that wasn't done, our friend that did it called last night and said that, that might be the problem, and sure enough it was, good as new, and no 50.00 deductible! we still have to find out whats going on with our warranty!


When do we rest??

This weekend was so crazy on Saturday we needed to replace the sink faucet since it had a leak, we also needed to make our ceiling fan a little more stable since it was looking like some one was swinging from it, and it really hasn't gotten that crazy in here just yet! I was also recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out so I wasn't really much help. By Sunday we needed to do the lawns, the previous owners left us a lawn mower and just as we were about to finish the back yard, the darn thing died on us, so while I weed whacked the heck out of the back and pulled weeds in the front Grumpy and Snow White took a trip to Home depot, and got us a new shiny mower, we have a 10% off coupon and of course we forgot it but if we take in the coupon and the receipt they will give us the $ so that works out good!
After all that mess we now have a beautiful lawn!
And then...
This morning, feeling much better I thought I would run the dishwasher, and wouldn't you know it, the darn dishwasher isn't working, oh but wait it gets better. Our agent is out of the country, and we have NO idea who our home warranty is threw, so we get a hold of someone in his office, and they give us the info that we need phew problem diverted.... nope we call the company and what do they say, "I'm sorry we don't have your info on file, you will have to get back to your agent and see if they have any further information!" And of course the guy that gave us the info in the first place is not returning our phone call.
AHHH I could really scream! oh I think I just did... oh well I don't have any shared walls so no one will know!


our new house!!



So we went and did some shopping we had 123.00 left in this weeks budget so heres what we got;
SunFlower Market
10 corn 2.00
Romaine lettuce .88
2.71# granny smith apples 2.09
2.14 # yellow onion .71
1.42 # tomato on the vine 1.41
2 # strawberries 1.76
4 packs blackberries 3.52
Spring Rolls 5.65
2 California rolls 11.00
3 packs of baby back ribs 11.55 (this is for 6 racks)
Boneless skinless chicken breast 12.74 (this is 9 pieces)
total 53.31
balance 70.10
Walmart (we needed dog food and tennis balls for the beast so we did the rest of our shopping there)
2 packs hot dog buns 2.24
Funyuns 2.98
Doritos 2.50
drumsticks 4.98
stew meat 4.02
Popsicles 1.88
3 cans kidney beans 2.28
3 cans black beans 1.68
6 cans corn 3.36
2 jars green salsa 3.36
total 29.28
balance 40.82
I think all I need is chili beans, so maybe I will go and stock up on soda and waters for the party, or maybe I will just hold on to the rest for later!

From the new house!

Well we are here! We are almost all done, we have 2 boxes left to unpack, and some crap to throw out at the apartment. Our house is great! I did lose my can opener in the move and I also cant find my 2 13x9 dishes and Snow Whites binder is also missing, but I am sure it will all turn up sometime.
We have Internet and TV.
Coal also came on Saturday and he is doing great! except for the fact that he thinks Sam is his "partner" if you know what I mean! I do have a video and I am really hoping to get it put up today. Our washing machine didnt make it over but we got a really good deal at Home Depot (12 months no interest no payment), a few other problems that we have come across, we have wasps in our shed (but I think we killed them all), the kitchen faucet leaks so we need to replace it (its only going to be @40.00 and we are going to try to get reimbursed), and the previous owners left some stuff in the shed that we need to throw out on bulk day which is June 1, and about 40 used 2 liters filled with water in the pantry, which as far as I now are for there 72 hour kits which is fine, but hello I coupon I have my own I dont want your leftovers (thank you though). Other then that, all is well. Snow White already made some friends on the block and loves to play in the back yard.
Every evening we have been taking the dogs to the school and playing ball with them for about 30 minutes, since Coal is full Lab he needs to get out the energy, I play with him in the yard in the morning and the afternoon just to keep him calm but he really likes to run free at the school, Sam and Gus dont really care for playing they would rather curl up with a blanket and sleep.
Today we are going on our first shopping trip to Sunflower Market they are having alot of good deals on fruit and veggies, like always! I just hate that its farther away! But we only have to go every other Wednesday, unless we are in the area, since they overlap their ad's. We have 123.00 left until the 15th so we are doing pretty good with our grocery money.
I have my dentist appointment Friday at 9 to get my Wisdom teeth out, all 4! I am not as nervous as I thought I would be, I already started taking my antibiotics and I have to rinse with this really nasty mouth wash, and tomorrow before bed I have to take Valium so I think I will be ok come Friday...I hope.
I think that's all for now, I will post the link to the video as soon as I get it loaded!