Lilith Fair!

What is Lilith Fair;

From 1997 through 1999, Lilith Fair was one of the highest grossing touring festivals in the world, with over 1.5 million fans in attendance and raising over $10 million dollars for national and local charities. Founded by Grammy-award winning artist Sarah McLachlan along with Dan Fraser, Marty Diamond and Terry McBride, Lilith Fair was the only tour of its kind—a celebration of women in music featuring artists like Sheryl Crow, Christina Aguilera, Erykah Badu, The Dixie Chicks, Missy Elliot, The Pretenders, Nelly Furtado, Jewel, Queen Latifah, Indigo Girls, Tegan and Sara and of course, Sarah McLachlan.
Nearly 6 months ago, Nettwerk CEO and Lilith Fair co-founder Terry McBride announced that the all-female festival would make its return in Summer 2010. - lilithfair.com

Sarah McLachlan
Miranda Lambert
Emmylou Harris
Ingrid Michaelson
Erin McCarley
Rosie Thomas
Anya Marina
Winning OurStage Artist

Its this year at the Usana Ampitheater
If you go to smith tix and go to the Starbucks offer and enter password, coffee and get the tickets 2 for 1. Thanks PYP for the heads up!


looking back



before and after

Our car before:

And after;


Currently I have a serious obsession with all things Jersey! I am sitting on my couch, in my beautiful back living room with a cup of coffee and Grumpy's laptop watching an all day marathon of Jersey Shore! I know I know! I also LOVE Jerseylicious. I think the funniest thing is when they call girls, "creatures" So funny! I am all alone, because Grumpy is also partaking in her own guilty pleasure, her and her mom, are out getting massages.

We did our shopping on friday. but I will post about that later. We also got the windows tinted in the new car, which I need to think of a name for, maybe the dwarf mobile... hmmm.

Well I will post more later, gotta get back to the Shore!


Pay Day

Hello BEAUTIFUL Thursday, today is payday, which is always a great day around here! When we bought our new car our ER fund took a bit of a hit which we were ok with because if you think about it the way we did, if the truck broke down it would totaly empty our savings and probablly a credit card, or 2 so the hit was well worth it. So now instead of adding all of our extra money to the snow ball we are working on rebuilding our savings. So heres a new Ticker... cause I like them!

moving right along....


All in the preperation

Along with the excuse "its too expensive to eat healthy" I really hate the one that goes, "I just dont have the time" of course really there is no excuse its just about lack of motivation, but anyway thats not really what this post is about. Since purchasing our new car we are pinching our pennies a little closer together, Saturday we had a yard sale, and we are trying to sell a few things on the local classifieds, not because we cant afford our car, but because we would like to get our savings back to where it was "pre car" ASAP, so along with that Grumpy has decided to pick up all the over time she can, on Tuesday and Thursday. So last night I knew she was working early so I took out salmon and a small steak (she has to eat 5 mini meals per day for weight training purposes) and heres what the morning schedule looked like;

5am up and getting ready for the gym
520-555 at the gym
600 Grumpy getting ready for work while I hit the kitchen
605 started coffee cooked, steak fajitas, chicken breast with rice, and salmon over veggies and of course a breakfast burrito to go.
625 Grumpy's lunch and breakfast was ready and I was drinking my coffee watching the weather!

So yes you do have time, you just have to find the motivation, in this case there is more then one thing that pushes us #1 growth of the savings. #2 Weight loss. #3 showing others that it can be done!


Coupnos and Dieting

Well we dont do too much 'couponing' anymore I only cut what we use and get rid of the rest just so there is no temptation when sales like this come along... smiths decided to make all the coupons 1.00 no matter what the denomination so a .25/1 is really a 1.00/1 AWESOME! SO this afternoon, the little lady and I took a trip, heres what we bought now this is just a warning, this is not as exciting as my first doubles trip, but I just bought what we will use and since I only get one paper every once in awhile the quantities arent insane;
3 refried beans 2.67
1 coffemate creamer 1.87
2 mustard 3.38
2 Fiber one bars 4.00
2 Relish 2.00
brown sugar 1.58
Totals before coupons, and rewards 15.50
Total after 6.50!

Meal plan

Ahh, the meal plan on the blog, heres what we are eating for dinner this week, of course they are all WW friendly recipes;

M Turkey Cheddar Tacos, with fat free refried beans (leftover turkey from Saturday it needed to get cooked)
T Smokey beef and bean tacos (from teh now and later cook book)
W BBQ Turkey, corn and mango quesadillas
TH Beef and Bean sloppy joes (using the beef and bean from Tusday)
F Chinese Chicken salad
S We are going fishing and I dont know when we will be home so we are just going to have random leftovers, and fruit
S mexican style stuffed potato

So it looks like we are having a TON of mexican food this week, I didnt really plan it that way it just happened, oh well!

As for the budget we are at about 92.00 a week until June 15, when I get paid again. So we should be just fine. I meant to save my reciepts from our trip on Sunday, but I forgot!

Hello new Car!!!

Here it is, our new 2008 Ford Focus, on Friday we said good-bye to our long time friend, the 2002 Ford Explorer, we had a lot of really good memories with it, trips all over CA, and it even came with us all the way to Utah on our first visit. It was so good to ous, but it ws time to move on! We are getting the windows tinted on Saturday, so Ill take another picture then. But for now, here it is!


hello again!

I am still here! Do not worry! I am not sure why I haven't been blogging, but I just haven't. But do not worry I am back! I have been reading up on craft, saving, and shopping blogs and I am ready to re commit... for the thousandth time. Whats been going on around here, we are within reach of paying down our credit cards, literally we can see the end of this dark ugly tunnel! we have about 2 more weeks then we will be down to only 2 cards! Finally. I am going to start posting meal plans again, cause, well that was fun. Also I am probably going to start posting the shopping lists, because of a conversation that I have been hearing alot lately about how expensive it is to eat healthy... which its not at all, so I will prove it!

Be back later to post the budget, and menu, and list... well maybe tomorrow!