Back to normal

Well the house is slowly but surely getting back to normal, we have had a VERY busy month and I am sure we will continue to be busy but a different kind of busy with Snow White starting soccer in a few weeks and playing the Viola (its a little bigger then a violin) so I am getting back on the menu planning wagon, heres whats on the menu for this week;
Monday Drumsticks, squash and rice
Tuesday Steak Fajitas, chips and refried beans
Wednesday Pork chops, baked potato ans green beans
Thursday baked chicken breast and....?
Friday spaghetti and salad
I am thinking that we wont need to go grocery shopping but I do want to get some of the sobe life waters that are a part of the Smiths mega deal so we might go tonight after dinner just to get a few little things, but the menu is just based off of stuff we already have here in the house, I love when that happens! next week our menu should be filled with lots of fresh veggies, since we are planning on going to the farmers market on saturday.


Giddy up!

On Saturday 8/22 to top off an alreay wonderful vacation, we went horseback ridding, it was beautiful! we went up in the mountains by the ski resorts in Park City, we could see the Jordanelle river from way up there, the weather was perftect. We took a 2 hour trail, we had on ly planned on 1 but I am so glad we changed our minds and did the 2. It was Snow Whites first time, Grumpy and I have been before, for our 1 year anniversary we went on the beach in CA. She loved it! here are some photos;


Lagoon 8/20 & the dog park

We went to Lagoon last week it was 2 for the price of one, and they let you bring in your own food, so it was a really cheap trip, we took Snow White and SIL Jackie, they had alot of fun I even got Snow White to go on a roller coaster, a real one with loops and everything, she cried while we were in line but by the time we got off she was ready for round 2, I however was not! We also took them into Lagoon-a-beach its inside the park and free with admission, they spent about 4 hours in there. we got there are 11 am as soon as they opened and left at 8. Had Betos for dinner and slept in on Friday it was a nice trip!

We also took Coal to the dog park on Tuesday 8/18 (i think) we wanted to see if he knew how to swim, they have a pond in the center at first when we threw the ball in he was really scared and just sat at the edge and cried but after I gave him a little push (literally) he was a swimming freak, he did not want to stop it was the funniest thing ever


posts in the works

So we are still on vacation, and I dont really have the time to post too much. But in the works;

~Horseback riding
~Park city trip
I am sure that there are more so starting on Monday I will be back...



We made it home from camping, we had alot of fun but after 3 days it was just time, it rained, it hailed, it was really windy I think it was at least 30mph, and Sunday after about 3 hours of fishing and baking in the sun this happened....

Grumpy caught a 14.5 inch Bear Lake Cutthroat Trout, it was really good after we cooked it on the grill. This week is going to be pretty busy we are all on vacation so I will blog whenever I can, I am trying to get all the laundry done, but have also been catching up on watching all of my youtube videos, so laundry production has kinda halted... oh well I am off for another 7 days...



I have been MIA for a days, with snow white just getting home and us planing our camping trip and first ever "family stay-cation" I really haven't had too much time to sit and write, so about our adventures...
We went to Vegas to meet up with Snow Whites dad and snatch her, up we got there pretty late on Friday (well I guess Saturday) about 1am of course we went and played for a few hours, and wouldn't you know we won!
Then on Saturday after we walked, went to the pool, hit up a few buffets, saw the street painters, watched the light show on Fremont we went back down and played some more and wouldn't you know it we won again! I think that was the most fun we have ever had in Vegas, aside for when we got married of course, we met some crazy (read really drunk) women that were having just as much fun as we were, I got punched in the arm, and grumpy got her face almost smashed into a machine it was all in good fun. We left on Sunday afternoon...
Since then where have I been??? I don't really know we did some shopping for our camping trip this weekend. And I have had the 3 boys all day so they take up alot of my Internet time. Next week grumpy and I have both taken the whole week off, to spend some much needed family time with Snow White, (we have got some BIG plans) I am going to try to keep a note book with me so I can write stuff down as we go, and then blog about it later but no promises...


Double coupons

I am going to try to get this all right but I am sure I will screw it up somewhere heres what we bought;

Juicy Juice 2.49-1.00 coup 2x total .49
6 ortega chilis 6.54-3.00 coup 2x .54 (.09 each)
6 jello 5.53-1.50 coup 2x 2.53 (.42 each)
1 NY crouton 1.11- .50coup x2 total .11
2# Velveeta cheese 4.56- 1.00 coup 2x 2.56
4 crest toothpaste 4.00-.50 coup 2x FREE
12 candy bars (snickers twix) 9.48- 6.00 coup x2 2.52 overage
4 coffee mate creamers 6.48 - 2.05 coup x2 2.38 (.59 each)
4 cover girl nail polish 11.08 -4.00 coup x2 3.08
6 cover girl eye shadow singles 13.44 - 4.00 coup x2 5.44
2 cover girl eye shadow trio 7.26- 2.00 coup not doubled 5.26
Land o frost turkey lunch meat 3.49 -1.00 coup x2 1.49
2 land ofrost roast beef 5.98 -2.00 coup x2 1.98

total before discounts, coupons and card 103.97
after..........drum roll please............ 11.37!!! a 90% savings!!WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!

3 Months ago...

All the way back in May we bought our very first house... the other day I was looking for pictures of the "gate to nowhere" and I remembered why I fell in love with this house, and after that as I looked around to what I have done to it I got mad! the very first time that I set eyes on the living room I was in love (and i still am, its still great and not cluttered)! and then I saw the kitchen, and I lost me will to speak (ok so it wasn't that dramatic but you get the point) then yesterday I looked at my kitchen and needed to take some action... I took off all of the "things" that were make my beautiful soon to no longer be pink kitchen ugly and cleaned and scrubbed, today I did the laundry room and I am getting ready to start on the office, (hopefully) the room that when I loved it only had one guitar and now is filled with lots and lots of lovely things that I need!
Now I am in no way saying that I no longer love my house because I do, I am just saying that I cant believe that I didn't keep it looking the way it should I mean come on get it together...
I know if I noticed it, my OCD, ultra anal wife (and I say that with nothing but love) noticed it and I would like to take this moment to say "Wife I am so sorry that something weird happened when we moved our stuff in but no worries, its coming back"

I think I should have taken some before and afters, but I will do that with the office... I am off, I have about 20-25 minutes before we are going to get some more paint. Snow Whites bathroom is coming along beautifully, it should be done by the time she gets home.


Our Weekend in review

So, Saturday and Sunday we had a yard sale at my mother in laws,we got rid of alot of my SIL baby things. We also sold a ton of Snow Whites clothes and alot of other randoms, we ended up making 73.00 each and then we both gave Jackie 5.00 so 68.00 each. To just hang out and clear out the shed, I'd say that was pretty good, I know it was really hot this weekend, but there is a HUGE tree in my mother in laws yard and it blocks about 95% of the sun so it wasnt really too hot.

~also this weekend, as you all should know I babysit during the week well when we moved in there was a pile of wood in our back yard that I gave to the dad of the kids then his dad saw that we had a random floating gate in our yard which you can kinda see in the picture, well now that's gone, as is the funny little tree that I loved but killed. Then we found out that the dad is out of work but he is a handy man and gave us a really good deal on painting, so he is starting this morning with Snow Whites bathroom so look for those before and after pictures soon.

~I am happy to report that we haven't done any grocery shopping so we are still at 150.00 (until the 15) I am going to try to get to Smiths for the double coupon event, maybe tonight, but I think if I dont make it, I wont be missing out on much since I refuse to read the thread about it on PYP, and I have never done it before. I am going to try to eat what we have in the house this week again then when we get back we can go and do some shopping we are going to be on vacation, (well stay-cation) from the 17-21 so we will do alot of eating at home so I would like to have extra grocery cash for that, but. we'll see, no promises, I may just end up at Smiths tomorrow and blow the whole budget!

I think that's all for now, if you have any ideas on what we can do (that's really cheap)with kids in Vegas I would love to hear!