All signed

We signed the papers at 5pm today!
so exciting, we will get our keys between 12 and 4 tomorrow...
and then the fun will begin!
We thought that we were going to have to come out of pocket with more cash upfront,
but we worked with great people and they made it all work out!
Cant wait till tomorrow, hopefully I can sleep tonight

A timeline

In case you care here is a rough estimate of our life for the next 4 days here we go...
10am Thursday Grumpy and I are off work
10am-2pm pack what we can
2pm pick up Snow White from school early
3pm Sign papers for the house
5pm Thursday-6am Friday Try not to think about the move, try to sleep
6am Friday- 10am pack more
10 am until Noon wait around patiently until we get the call to go get our keys
130 pm pick up Snow White from school
130-630pm sit in our new house staring at everything and thinking "this is all OURS!"
630 pm pick up the Uhaul
7pm Friday- 11am Saturday Move and unpack
11am Saturday COLE IS COMING!
12pm Saturday-7pm Sunday MOVE no stopping until its done!
I cant believe that its so close we cant practically touch it, the whole reason that we moved to UT was to be close to Grumpys family and buy a house, now we have both!
So exciting! I will probably come and post one more time before I take down my computer tonight!
I use to make schedules for everything, I am glad I dont do that anymore!



Well we are closing tomorrow at 3pm! So exciting, we went and did the walk threw last night and we are still so in love with the house, it is alot bigger then we remember, which is good I wouldn't want it to be smaller, I thought that I was going to have to get rid of my china cabinet but we found the perfect spot for it, we found out that there is an additional storage on the outside attached to my pantry so that's great, and a perfect spot for the dog run. ahhh so in love!
I am going to try to post, on Thursday and Friday morning, but we are getting the Internet shut down on Friday morning, but if you are really interested you can follow us on Twitter I will update from text as often as I can.
Also the guy that tried to steal my purse at WalMart was still there roaming around on Monday morning!


Watch your purses!

So today after Grumpy's softball game, (they won again 4-9) we went to Wal Mart to stock up on stuff for the new house (which we are moving into in 5 days) laundry soap, toilet paper etc, and while we were checking out, in the self check out, a guy came and stood next to our cart, there were 2 other open self check outs and 1 with a cashier, Grumpy told him, "hey there are open ones right there" he said "ah thanks bro" and just stood there my purse was strapped into the baby seat and he just stood there, Grumpy told me to get my purse in a low voice so I acted like I needed to get my debit and moved all my stuff... when we were done the guy rang up his ONE loaf of bread and I told Grumpy to hold on so we stood at the front of the store and looked over our receipt, and we saw the cashier walk up to him so we took off to the car, then while we were loading the car we saw the same guy walk out of the store empty handed! All he wanted to do was get into my purse! What is this world coming to?
This weekend we also went to the drive in and saw Fighting, if you have seen the previews then you have seen the movie!


So I was on twitter this morning, and Demi Lovato and Perez Hilton both posted the link to this story "My bullied son's last day on earth" well it got me thinking, why is saying someone (or something) is "gay"an insult? So I asked Snow White what she thought about kids calling other kids gay and here's what she said;
Snow White- "I don't know why they say it in the real world Gay just means happy! Maybe because gay is 2 boys together and they think that that's weird?"
Me- "So if you were arguing with someone and they called you Gay what would you tell them?"
SW- "That they were dumb and they didn't know what they were talking about"
Me-"If you were in a boy/girl relationship when you are older, and someone called you gay would you be insulted"
SW- "No it just means I am happy! I think you would be mad if some one called you gay because that would mean that you and Grumpy were both boys and your not you are lesbians"
So I told her that "technically" we are gay too, and then I asked her if we (grumpy and I) should be offended if someone were to call us "straight" and of course she said no
"because Grumpy looks like a boy and they might just not know better"
ahhh the mind of a 9 year old!



I went and did some shopping today, my balance for the month we 50.00 here's what I got
marinade .99
2 steam fresh broccoli 2.00 (used 1.00 off 2 coupon) 1.00
2 steam fresh corn 2.00 (used 1.00 off 2 coupon) 1.00
imitation crab 2.89
steak 9.89
drumstick 4.30
ketchup 1.59
bertolli dinner 4.98 (used 1.25 off 1 coupon) 3.73
total 25.30
balance for the month 24.70 we are going to need milk, eggs, lunch meat, wraps and salad to get us to the first!

Spring is Here! (sorta)

Finally we are having some spring like weather! Last night for dinner I just threw together some sloppy Joe's and this beautiful fruit salad I am thinking about going to the store and getting some steaks to throw on the grill tonight, before the next April storm gets here sometime tomorrow.
Speaking of the store! we have 250.00 left in the grocery budget until May 15, I am going to TRY to make the 50.00 last until we move on the 1st (8 days) but we will see what happens, we are planning our house warming party so we are going to need alot of food for that! So I am thinking 50.00 until May 1 and then 100.00 until May 15, that will leave us with 100.00 leftover for the party! I am running low, if not completely out of pork chops, and drumsticks, so I will have to see what I can throw together!


Whats new?

I think I have been doing really good at posting almost everyday, I think it has alot to do with the fact that I need a packing break, and also that I am so excited about the move that I want to tell every one! Today I am not doing too much in the packing department, I think I am mainly going to clean the house, its a mess! Our dinner table hasn't been free of crap for at least a week! Our appraisal came in a few days ago and we are already ahead in the game, so now I think we are just waiting for the 30th, we transferred all of our utilities, except Internet, that might take a little longer, so hopefully you all follow me on Twitter, just so you know whats going on!


Yesterday I packed up my dresser drawers, I am going to donate a whole trash bag full of my stuff! Today all I have to do is call to see about getting Gus fixed so he doesnt start marking at the new house and getting his rabbies shot before it expires, and find out how much it will be to get Coal fixed.
Who is Coal you ask?

Well while we were looking at houses, James (that's our agent) asked if we knew anyone that was looking for a dog, we got to talking and decided that we were looking for a dog! So we told him that if he could get us into a house, and our dogs were okay with him we would take him!
Coal is a 4 year old black lab, we had him on Saturday to test him out, and I think that him and James had a long talk on the way over because he was on his best behavior.

*We had him at the apartment to see if he would get along with our other dogs and he did

*We took him to petsmart to see how he would do with other dogs freaking out (they were having an adoption day) and he just ignored them

*We took him to Grumpy's softball practice to see how he would walk with me, he did great

*We took him to the dog park, but all the big dogs were surrounding him and since he is so passive we were a little worried.

* We brought him back to the apartment to see how he would relax when it was time to relax, and he did good.

At first we were a little worried that Sam would hate him, since he was attacked by Maria's (SIL) black lab but they did really good, Gus is over protective of Sam so he was growling a little but Coal just ignored him and went about his business. He does have an obsession with tennis balls, he destroyed 4 while we were out, and a Frisbee. And he does drool alot (see the spots on the floor) but that kinda to be expected of an 85 lb dog! Other then that he is a great dog. We are getting our keys on Friday the 30 and Coal will be joining our family on May 1.


Bedrooms and bathrooms

okay heres the bedrooms and bathrooms, again this is not our stuff.

Office or Snow whites room

Office or Snow Whites room (she hasnt picked which one she wants yet)

Master BedroomMaster Bathroom
Hello Grumpy in the master bathroom
The other bathroom

Pictures of the house!

So here we are 10 days from closing on our first home! So I thought I would post some pictures! I didnt get any of the front yard or the living room with the fire place (yes there are 2) so here you go!
another one of the back yard look already a garden!
Living room #2 and look in the upper left hand corner of the picture can you see it?
here it is, something only a true couponer can appreciate, a built in pantry!
here's one side of the laundry room
and here is the other, with more shelves!
Dining room, at first I was thinking that I wanted to get rid of that pink, but its kinda grown on me I think we will keep it for now and see later on if we hate it!
and one more of the kitchen
keep in mind that none of that "stuff" is ours, I will post the bedrooms and bathrooms in a separate post .


So we have been packing like crazy people over here! And in the beginning it just seemed like we were making a huge mess, but today as I sit here, it actually seems like we made some progress, we made 3 trips to the thrift store to drop off donations, we were thinking at first that we would have a yard sale but all that would do is make more stuff for us to move, and then we would unpack it and by then we wouldn't want to part with it. so here are some pictures of our mess!


One more

This my friends is all that is left of my office! I packed the rest of it away, anything that I wound need for the next 14 days (yes that's all we have left! the office is probably the cleanest it has ever been!) is in this freezer bag.
I am going to try to see what else I can do today I only have one box left so maybe instead of packing I will see what I can throw away.


The most beautiful thing...

What is this you ask?? Its my first boxes that I have packed to move into our new house!
That's right MOVE
and you still didn't hear me
I said "MOVE in to OUR new HOUSE!"

We should be closing on April 30 which means that we will be handed our keys on May 1! More pictures to come, and eventually even a video!


Updates and meal plan

Well we ended up backing out of the house due to some mold issues, but not to worry we are in negotiations for another house already, it is perfect, its everything we want in a house, its better then the last one, and if we don't get it I am going to throw myself on the ground and cry like a 2 year old, I am not even joking, it even has a fireplace and a vegetable garden, and a dishwasher, and a shed and a really cool shower! So we are working really hard on that one, well our agent is, we are just sitting and waiting. (if you follow us on Twitter you already know all of this)
Our Easter was nice we went over to a community egg hunt on Saturday which was awful I will never do that again on Sunday Snow White went to church with MIL and then we went over to my SIL's house and bbq'd and hid eggs for the girls. After we went and flew kites it was alot of fun.
Tomorrow school is back in session and we are going to try once again to get everything back to normal.
Here is whats on the menu for the week
bbq'd Chicken and veggies, rolls and something else maybe a pasta salad
Cornish game hens
pintos and rice
pork chops
chili and corn bread
and I am not really sure what else, I think I will save the chili for Sunday when my MIL is usually here and the hens are for Wednesday we are bbq-ing today and everything else is changeable.


4 out of 50?

I think we can do better then that!
joining, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa

Another project

Snow White has had some pretty big projects this year and we just finished, what I hope to be the last of them here it is

Its a parade float representing the Wasatch County, its got the sheep and the hay the strawberry reservoir, the Wasatch mountains, and the Heber Valley Rail Road. If I read the information correctly, the whole project is worth 175 points, and she already got 150 on the written report, so I think she will at least get the 25 needed for 100% if not no biggie, she tried her best and it came out pretty good

Shopping 4/6-4/12

In an effort to eat healthier snacks we went and spent our food budget for the week on fruits and veggies! I know that it sounds like alot but it will be worth it, and since we have all the meat that we will need for the week its really no big deal. So last night we took an after dinner walk to Smiths, here's what we got;
Balance for the week 42.00
3 bags frozen corn 2.67
2 bags mixed veggies 1.78
2 bags cut broccoli 1.78 (I would have gotten fresh but it was to much$)
3 bag dole salad mix 3.87
2 packs crab meat 5.00
strawberries 3.98
1.30# pears 1.29
3 limes .99
1.35# golden delicious apples .80
5.69# minneolo oranges 3.93
celery .99
4.29# granny smith apples 6.54
3.20# banana 1.89
sweet and low 2.99
2 bottles of water 1.48
total 39.98
balance 2.02
That leaves us with 42.00 for next week. I know that some of the things that we bought could have been purchased at other stores for cheaper, but like I said before I am really not in a shopping kind of mood, so I am just happy to have food in the fridge! (that does sound kinda bad but oh well, life happens)


meal plan

I am just going to make a list of the meals that we can make this week instead of what we are going to make for a specific day. I haven't gone and done any of my shopping yet, I think this house business has put me in sort of a organized funk, I just don't feel like doing it. So here is my attempt to create a little normalcy around here
*Sweet and Sour muffin meat loaves (I cut this out of the all you magazine from Oct 2006, I think its about time I make it) mashed potatoes, and some sort of veggie
*Pork Chops, veggie, and noodle thingy
*BBQ steaks, potato salad, and something else
*Baked Chicken, and ???
*Tuna casserole (for some reason I can not get this in)
*Frozen shrimp thingy that is in the freezer (probably for the weekend)
*Spaghetti with meat balls or Italian sausage, and, rolls
so that's that... I will try to put up a review for the meat loaf muffins when I get to it.


grocery shopping

I know I have been really bad about posting my trips but I have an excuse....
1. I cant stop watching youtube videos
2. because of #1 I am too busy trying to stay on top of laundry
3. My little sister has so much drama in her life that
I spend a minimum of 2 hours chatting with her
4. one word "twitter"
5. I am just to lazy
I am going with #5 that is probablly the closest thing to the truth!
I have done some shopping, Grumpy is sick so we had to get her some cider and a few other things, today I went again and got green sauce, ice cream, coffee creamer, just some random things.
as of right now we have enough to break it down to 49.00 for next week (4/6-4/12) and 49.00 for the week after (4/13-4/19)
I will try really hard to stay on top of all of the trips from now on

We have a contract!

That's right we have only been house hunting for 7 days and we are already under contract! I will post pictures once we have an inspection and the house is more ours (officially) is it the biggest house in the valley? No not really but it is much bigger then where we have been for the last 3 years and it will be ours.. in 30 years (hopefully less if we can budget properly) I will not leave you all in suspense for longer then I have to, as soon as I know, you will know too!