Our roof and other updates!

The roof moving along just great! Today they are putting the shingles on, and if all goes as scheduled they should be 3/4 of the way done by 530 tonight! The weather yesterday set them back just a little bit but today it seems to be working out. I will post some pictures later on.

and look at that ticker over there... February was a good month for eliminating debt. we put @700.00 on the second card... which will be gone in March instead of May like it was scheduled.

I know its been awhile since I have updated about our weight loss but that is still moving right along also, grumpy has lost a total of 39 lbs and I have lost 31 lbs. Tuesday was not a good day for weight loss, with the stresses of the roof and Grumpy and my uncle working late, we had a 830pm KFC splurge! Grumpy got hot wings and I went for my weakness... chili cheese fries... also with this roof we have not gone to the gym at all this week. We are going to go tonight, so that will help a little I am thinking that come Sundays weigh in we will just maintain, which is better then the evil twin, gain! But either way we have still come a long way and a gain of a pound or 2 will not discourage us.

So thats whats been going on here...


our first house guest

we have lived in our home since May 2009, and next weekend our very first house guest will be coming to stay with us, who is? My uncle why is he coming? to give me a brand new roof! Yes thats right, we need a new roof... its a big long story and I dont want to re-live it so I wont, but what it comes down to is, our inspector (National Property Inspections) said it was a 4-6 year old roof, with 2 layers, he never even got on the ladder to look at it, its really a 13 year or older roof with 3 layers how do we know, because in our back living room the ceiling started to split right down the center a few weeks ago and yes we have insurance, and a warranty, but wanna know what they say "well thats just normal wear and tear on a 13 year old roof" makes sense I guess. Doesn't make us happy but what can you do? Ill tell you, you can suck it up call your (new) favorite Uncle, buy him a plane ticket out from TX, and have him do the work and save some money, and you can also, send all your friends (and stalkers)a warning....

Save your money, be sure that you have an ER fund, roofs are very expensive! If my uncle were not coming out it would be 5000-6500.0! Also if you are buying a home and the inspector doesnt get on the roof, spend the 200-350.00 to get a second opinion!
Ill keep you all posted on the progress he will be here the 20th


Did you notice?

the little ticker on the side over there, its moving! Why? because we paid of one of our credit cards! The next one is set to be gone in May but hopefully with my extra babysitting and grumpy working overtime, we can knock off at least a month! That would be amazing! Also we are going to Vegas in June to drop of Snow White, so of course we already have money saved up and we are hoping for at least a semi-decent win, that would be great! Keep in mind that I know that gambling is not the way to pay off the bills, but we worked in a casino for years, we met there, we went to Vegas to be married, we even won $25,000 (before we were money smart) so gamblers is just what we are! We already have the money saved up, so nothing will come "out of pocket" so everything is ok! you do not need to report us to Dave Ramsey. thank you for your concern though. (oh and if we do win a large chunk, I already have big plans thats because, I am a dreamer, I can come up with these wonderful scenarios in my head about what if... and then whats... its Grumpys job to put my feet back on the ground....)