Things around here are getting a little busy, with spring knocking on the door and all, but I will really do my best to post here.

For some reason I cannot load up any pics so I will try again later on

next weekend we are hoping to;
till the garden
more prep on the back living room
Snow Whites party (for her babtism)
Egg hunt
meet with our insurance agent and Grumpy's personal trainer (not the same person)
Grumpy hair cut


Our garden...

We are planning out a garden for this spring/summer/fall I am thinking about;
roma tomato
grape tomato
bell peppers
But I have no idea were to start. I think we willg o to the library and get a book or two about it, but in the mean time I am searching the net, where do I start? should we buy seeds, or plants that are already started... I have no idea. 2 years abo we did container gardening, but that didnt produce as much as I would have liked, this year I want to have ALOT! Heres the spaces that we have to work with;



A Busy week

So thats that, we have a new roof, new gutters and grumpys mom is getting 2 brand new bathrooms!