Could it be?

here we are its Thursday night and I already have a meal plan and most of the grogery list for next week! I am awesome!

here we go; with a few changes to this weekend;
Saturday 2/26 Family bbq for BIL birthday
Sunday 2/27 Chili mac
Monday 2/28 Spicy black bean soup
Tuesday 3/1 Slow cooker chicken posole I will be at the dentist, getting my wisdom tooth +1 pulled
Wednesday 3/2 Hamburger helper, we use to eat this all the time, and we got a new one.
Thursday 3/3 CORN
Friday 3/4 Slow cooker lasagna
Saturday 3/5 Pioneer Woman Cajun Chicken
Sunday 3/6 Mexican style Casserole

woohoo! wonderful, now to make a shopping list to match!

New Toy!

On Monday we bought Grumpy the new Samsung Galazy Tablet, it is amazing! Just wanted to post that! If you are thinking about getting a Tab, this is the one to get.

This is her favorite game she has a love hate relationship with it.


Guess What?

This morning we went to the gym! We ate within our points for the last 3 days and didn't cheat!

Today I had confrence with the little ladies teacher and she got all A's and 1 B! We are so proud of her.

Saturday we are having a mini party for BIL for his bday so we will cheat, a litle bit but we will do our best not to over do it!


Hello Sunday its time for a confession

We are falling off the weight loss wagon... So starting tomorrow we are going back to the gym (if they are open) we have to rededicate ourselves to healthier snacks. And less cheating on the weekends, this is a major downfall for us. We work our butts off Monday thru Friday get up and go to the gym at some ungodly hour to only eat a whole bag of Doritos on Saturday in front of a movie (with a bag of redvines and M&M's) LOL! Only to start all over with a +2 on the scale come Monday morning.... NO MORE! I reached my goal once and since then have added 5 that won't go away. Grumpy is still working on her goal and my candy/sweet&salty treat enabaling is just not cutting it anymore! I QUIT!

with that said here is next weeks menu;
Monday- Spinach, rice and black bean burritos
Tuesday- Chicken Caccitore
Wednesday-Spicy beef tacos
Thursday-Chicken and dumplings
Friday-Hamburger cornbread casserole
Saturday-Pioneer Woman cajun chicken w/pasta
Sunday-Chile mac

All WW friendly except Saturday dinner but we will still come in within our points.


Laundry Room Clean up!

While I was doing some ChaCha work this afternoon I was watching clean house, and thought it was time to clean my laundry room, this is something I don't think I have really done since we moved in, and it shows. Since we moved our bedroom to the back, we have to walk threw there every day (multiple times) needless to say, it was time;






In my dreams I would have cabinets installed, that way all my crap would be hidden, someday I guess in the mean time maybe now I will enjoy laundry.... who am I kidding!

Stay tuned tomorrow as I make an attempt to clean the top of the fridge! Here is a sneak peak!


Feeling the love!

We don't celebrate Valentines day around here, well we say that we don't anyway. When we got married i told Grumpy that the only "holiday" that needed to be acknowledged were my b-day and our anniversary. However last night I was suprised when Grumpy walked in with...
Roses for me!

And a carnation for the little lady!

And how cute is this girl!


We survived!

Seth went home yesterday! We made it and had alot of fun! We went to Chuck E cheese and he had a blast! It was different having a little person around and I think it will take a few days to catch up on our sleep!
Now back to the matters at hand; here is the weekly menu,

M- V-day dinner, Chile Verde not typical, but we never get to eat my old recipe and everyone is really happy about it
T- Italian bean soup
W- fajita salad w/salsa
Th- bow tie pasta with vodka sauce and asparagus
F-Chinese bbq pork
S- Chicken & dumplings
Su- Spinach, rice and black bean burritos, unless my MIL comes and makes soup

The little lady has been saving up for a pet mouse for about a month, after she got some money for valentines day from out of state family she finally had enough. (she doesn't get money for everyday chores, just extras) on Saturday we went to a big pet store in Bountiful after talking with the clerk we decided a rat would be a better option for her since she wanted something that she could play with and hold, they had baby hand tamed rats in the store, so I would like to introduce you to... Sweetheart!

Oh but wait... before we took the trip, I the ultimate animal lover decided that I HAD TO HAVE a guinea pig! Grumpy and I sat and read all about them for over 2 hours in the morning while Seth was napping after getting up at 7am! so now I would like to introduce you to.... Cookie! Yeah we are crazy! but she is so CUTE! Our dogs aren't too sure if they like her or not, but they will adjust! We are now guinea pig experts!


This is the begining

Of a very long week... I am babysitting for 240 hours straight! Yeah it Me, grumpy, the little lady and a little man! He just turned 2! Things are defenitly going to be a little different around here for a few days!