Happy Birthday Snow White

We now have a Tween in the house, I guess we have had one since she was 8 but thats a little to early to call her a pre teen, I think, anyways back to topic, Snow White is now 10! We had her party last Satruday, so we done really have anything planned for today maybe some ice cream after dinner, she got her bday present from us back in August, (a painting from the street vendors in Vegas, its really pretty)
So a tween... any advice pray for us!

Our newest toy

So I know I said we were following Dave Ramsey's Total Money makeover and new "toys" are supposed to be out of the question but just hear me out...

In September we were given some concert tickets we sold them on Monday for 90.00 total profit!! Since we bought this house in May we have been talking about putting a TV in our first living room where we have our fire place, the weather is getting cooler so we have been thinking about it more and more, but clearly 90.00 wouldnt buy us a tv right? wrong!

We started searching the online classifieds on Monday and pretty much gave up, everything was either too big and too much money or too small and too much money. But then... I found this

A 27 inch Hitachi for 10.00! I was the first one to respond and as soon as Grumpy got of work we ran over and got it. On the way home we stopped at a thrift store and found the stand for 15.00! so this whole set up was 25.00! So we still have 65.00 left I am so proud of us usually what would happen is this. We want a tv lets go to Best Buy, buy the best tv and entertainment stand just put it on the credit card and pay it off later. I do believe we have changed. This isnt our "forever" TV but it does serve the purpose we are thinking 30-32 inch flat screen on a center from Ikea but that will come later. In the mean time, this TV works great the color is great, its the perfect size and did I mention it was only 10.00! Never did I think that we could pay only 10.00 for a TV.


Maybe you noticed

My new vacation ticker over there-----> we were planning on going on vacation next year, but after reading Dave Ramseys "total money makeover" we have decided to go in 2012 (assuming the world hasnt ended, maybe it will end while we are laying in the sun on the deck of a huge ship... one can dream) So thats what thats all about, in case you were wondering.

Nothing too exciting has been going on around here, just Snow Whites soccer, Grumpy sprained finger, and got sick over the weekend. I spent yesterday making our living room (#2) look pretty so we spent the evening enjoying a room that we hadn't sat in for about 3 months, (because it was so hot, not because it was dirty lol) I love it.


Shopping 9/15-10-15

Well since things are getting back to a normal routine around here, I thought I would get back to posting our shopping trips we started the day with 379.00 some of it was left over from last month (I think 10.00 or so). Heres what we spent today;

Sunflower market (double ad day!!)
5 packs of pork chops 17.63 (I separated this into 10 dinners so it was 34 chops)
6 ears of corn 2.00
1 bunch celery .50
1.90# granny smith apples 1.88
10 kiwi 2.00
2 red bell peppers 1.10
1.21 # strawberry granola 3.86
2 cantaloupe 1.00
2 bunches radishes 1.00
2 # strawberries 5.00
California rolls (Grumpys lunch) 5.50
2.09# nectarines 1.84
Greek salad (grumpys lunch) 4.99
total 48.30

balance 331.67

Smiths (fruit snack promo, marked with * and Mega Event marked with **)
**alot of these items are just for stocking the pantry**
24 canned corn 10.56
24 canned green beans 10.56
24 canned chicken broth 11.99
**juicy juice 2.49
4 12ct pop-tarts 7.92
*2 scooby doo fruit snacks 4.00
*6 fruit by the foot fruit snacks 12.00
**9 Jello 9.00
**2 coffee mate creamer 5.98
8.27 # grapes 6.52
**4 hot pocket 7.96
3 bags dole salad (manager special) 1.50
10 # potato .99
**4 packs Oreo 9.96

-10.00 Kraft Promo
-8.00 fruit snack promo
-11.40 coupons

total 72.04+ we got a .10 gas reward, and Smiths started a new rewards program for every 1.00 you spend you get 1 point for every 500 points they will mail you a 5.00 coupon! (3 times a year I think) we are already at 267!

balance 259.63
So we have about 64.00 per week for the next month, not too bad, Snow Whites food for her bday party is going to come out of this money too. I am sure it will be just fine.

Check out all the pretty colors in our fridge;


our weekend

Our weekend went by too fast we were so busy... I almost feel like we were moving the whole time, which makes Mondays really hard!
Friday-regular work and school day. Then at 7pm we went shopping for our niece Hailee's bday present, at 8pm we were at Chuck E Cheese's celebrating her 5th bday, we were there until 10pm by the time we got home it was pretty close to 11!
Saturday- We got up at 8 got ready Grumpy got a hair cut then we went to the Farmers market, until 1030 then we had to hurry up and get to Snow Whites first soccer game. Where we sat in the blazing sun for about an hour! I dont know why they dont put trees around that park! Then we went and did a little shopping, milk, eggs just the regular stuff. by the time we finally got home it was about 230, we had lunch and took a little time to relax had dinner at about 630, then took the dogs out to play ball at the school.
Sunday we got up about 8 were lazy until about 950 when we got a phone call from Grumpys mom reminding us that she would be over in 15 minutes to pick up Snow White and take her to church, she started her catechism and baptism classes. Snow White left by the time she came home at 1230 we were ready to go again! We hung out with MIL then went shopping for Snow Whites party stuff. Her birthday party is next weekend.
I think we are going to need a vacation!
Snow White is becoming SO busy-
Monday Free
Tuesday Music 8am-9am Church 630pm-730pm
Wednesday Free
Thursday- pm soccer games
Friday Music
Saturday-pm soccer games
Sunday Church
Soon enough one of those free days will turn into a soccer practice expect to see alot of crock pot meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I still have to make the menu for this week, so that should be up later on this afternoon or tonight, since I am going to have the regular baby that I watch, plus Natalie for a few hours this morning.


Meals for the week

Well I know its Tuesday but Moday was still considered the weekend around here so here is the plan for this week.
Tuesday- spaghetti and fruit from the farmers market we got some really good peaches, blackberries and raspberries
Wednesday Chicken Breast (baked or with some sort of sauce I havent decided yet) biscuits and sweet corn from the farmers market
Thursday- Pork chops with ???
Friday- I am thinking about throwing a roast in the crockpot but I am not sure if I have one. If not then I have no idea what to do.

Snow White is eating lunches at school and breakfast for her is just whatever she feels like having, yogurt, fruit, cereal, eggs and an english muffin.... stuff like that

Grumpy is taking breakfast so thats either, egg scrambled with veggies, cereal, toasters struddles. And usually she has leftovers for lunch.

See things are coming together just fine now that we have some sort of order...


Soccer DEALS

Snow White starts soccer next week, so we had to go and get her a new pair of cleats and shin guards, at Sports Authority they do bundles, the one that we usually get is shoes, shin guards and a ball for 29.97 (it the Brine brand) well when we went yesterday she was trying on the shoes and we saw Adidas on clearance for 9.97 (regular 20.00) then they had shin guards clearance for 3.97 (regular 11.99) and the ball is the same size that we already had so we didn't really need it so we got the clearance stuff instead, when we got to the register the shin guards rang up 2.97 so we saved 18.16 if we would have bought it all regular price, and 16.14 if we would have bought what we went in there for.
The moral of the story, check the single prices before you by a bundle!!
and these shoes (they have some purple detail that you cant see in the picture) are so much cuter then the Brine ones that were black and red.