Happy Birthday....

To me! oh yeah today is my 29th Birthday, I do not like when people make a big fuss over me, so I have requested that I get what I want and thats all and my list looks like this....

Sushi (grumpy is taking me Saturday)
a nap
a nice drive to the lake (Saturday)
a hot cup of coffee fresh from the pot not microwaved thru the whole morning (probably Saturday too)

Grumpy got me this really pretty silver book mark, with a chunk of turquoise and a crystal I love it. It will look so much better in my books then the orange star sticky note that I had in there before!

This weekend we are going to be busy with all my WANTS, and a few Needs that we have to take care of, grocery shopping, dogs groomed.... lots to do, hopefully I can get alot of pics!


Our weekend!

We spent our anniversary weekend just hanging out spending some time together, we started out Saturday morning with a beautiful drive up the wasatch national forest, to Mirror Lake to do some fishing. We had some fishing pole problems so we had to purchase a new pole and then went to Jordanelle. We went home with no fish but we did get a little tan (or sunburned) and had fun. That evening we went to Rodizio Grill for dinner, we had never been there before and had a good time, the food was delicious! We also stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory for some fudge and a carmel apple. That night we grabbed The Bounty Hunter and Remember Me from the red box. Sunday was the perfect day for vegging and thats what we did, until about 7 pm when Grumpy mowed the back lawn, I cleaned the kitchen. All in all it was a great weekend. Cant wait to see what my birthday weekend has in store for us.... (that would be next weekend!)

Ill add a few pictures later!


the sanctity of marriage...


I have written and re written this post about 100 times now, always deleting cause it just wasn't coming out right so lets try this again....

with our 6 year anniversary coming up I am really peeved at the fact that people that can, and do get a marriage that is recognized by every city, county, state, country and planet will just throw it out and act as if it were so disposable. they say that same sex marriage will ruin the sanctity, commitment, and tradition of marriage but really I think the only thing that will ruin it, is the people, (same sex or not) that see it as just a piece of paper. Its not. We dont have the paper, and if you ask either one of us, our family, or friends if we are married they will all say yes. Because it is a mind set, a promise, a whole new way of living. On 7/22/04 I was a completely different person then the one I became on 7/23/04. So yes we are married, and by me saying that I am not hurting your marriage. But by you just throwing yours away, it really is ruining the sanctity of mine.

please note that this is MY blog, if you leave a negative coment I will not post it.... also these are my views, I by no means speak for every same sex family in america!


Easy, Cheap Fun for the minis

I babysit a little boy (15 months) and I was reading in Blog land and found this pom pom bottle I made it this afternoon, it took all of 2 minutes, and it was an instant hit! he played with it for over 20 minutes... just putting the poms in and taking them out over and over! Awesome!


Our yard

Now I know that its not as green as it once was, but HELLO we live in a desert... So its the theme we were going for you know? no? okay so it died! we are working to make it green again, Im sure come November it will be plush and beautiful once again... (and ready for snow)

So here it is what we have been doing for the past 3 weeks, I dont have any before shots, but first up is what the section that we havent done looks like, and thats what they all looked like... got it? good here we go...

Our front door is to the left of this shot
Our front door is to the right of this one
This is around the corner from the above

Hard to believe that this is even the same yard! look at that grass! these are our new chairs, happy anniversary!
this use to be filled with nasty rose bushes, sand, nuggets and weeds, its in the back yard

this is to the left of the previous shot, it also was filled with ugly nuggets, and weeds

this last one doesnt really go with the "theme" of things its more functional then fashionable. You see Sam our half pig half lhasa mix, likes to dig in this corner. so instead of working super hard to put pretty red wood chips down, only to have them dug up we opted for these river rocks that are too big for Coal to eat.

We are going to finish the front this weekend, so I will put up those final shots next week.


Lilith Fair.... and more

So what a coincidence that my last post was about how I was so happy to be going to this concert for my birthday... Today I should be getting ready to go, but NO.... it was cancelled. So Im working, Grumpy's working, but my birthday is not ruined... we are going out for all you can eat sushi! which is almost just as good.

Our anniversary is also just around the corner, we bought ourselves an awesome front yard chair-table set thingy... I will take some pictures in a little bit. I havent been posting too much because we have been REALLY busy. We went to gay pride, Snow White left for ca after that, we spent 4 days in Vegas, and every weekend since, we have been beautifying our yard! we also finally got a fully fenced front yard, so now the dogs and children can run out there and play without me worrying about them running off. I will take some picture in a little while.

On the financial front we are down to 2 credit cards. AMAZING! We did put the patio set on one that we had paid off, but jsut to use the card and keep it going, we are paying it off after the cycle goes threw so no worries there! I updated the ticker and we are 50% done! we are hoping to be finished by December, which I think we will!

Since it is summer I have been busy babysitting, currently I have my regular 2 plus weds and Thursday 2 more and every other week 2 more! so sometimes there are 6 boys all under 6 in my care... on those days I have my SIL come over and help with all the craziness! Today however is a quiet day, its just me and the one baby, I am waiting for him to nap so I can play with my new toy... a swiffer sweeper! I never thought I would be excited about that but I guess things change