Meal planning monday

Well here we are, the monday before the big day...
what big day you ask?
New Years?
L's 30 bday!!
I just got back from picking up her bday present...
and I would LOVE to share with you what it is, but I cant...
so I will let you know on Saturday!
As for this weeks menu...
Cornish Game Hens
(L has been asking me to make these for... 5 years)
Mexican casserole
L's Bday! her mom is going to make posole
(it was a secret until I spilled the beans)
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New Layout

So I found this really cute site that you can get free layouts for free!!
Its called The cutest blog on the block so I thought I would change it up
a bit for the new year... what do you think??


Christmas and Coupons...

We spent Christmas day posted on our couch!!
It was nice to not have to worry about anything since we had our Christmas with L's mom on Wednesday and we are going to have it again on the 3rd with H and the rest of the family on the 4th (we really like to draw things out around here)
So yesterday we woke up at 1 and by 3 we were at 711 buying hot dogs for lunch/dinner at 5 I made some soup but we were still kinda full, so we just ate a little. It started to snow about 730 and by the time I woke up this morning we had about 7 inches in the yard! We should get another 2-5 by tonight.
I haven't coupon-ed in a really long time, so I am starting to get back into the swing of things! which will help our budget... hopefully. I updated all my "wishes" on HCW, and I am going to start buying papers again the beginning of the year.
Also I am going to track my food budget again and see what that does for me,
after all its almost a new year so time for some changes!


Meal planning Monday

So I haven't planned a menu in a while, but with this crazy weather we are having I don't want to have to run out to the store all the time, so I thought I would get back on the wagon!
So here is the plan for this week
baked chicken, noodles, and veggies
we are going to be out of the house all day so probably just fast food
Roast in the crock with potato and carrots, we are probably going to be sleeping in (h is in CA, and we are going to be all night on Weds making tamales) so this is the best thing, throw it in and forget it!
(I cant wait to try this recipe!)
For more meal plans check out I'm an organizing junkie


Who would have thought...

It would take 4 years to finally get a "school" Christmas present we could actually keep?
I gave my mom a felt and cotton lamb that I made in 2nd grade,
and a wooden tree with my school picture on it in the 3rd grade
and I remember putting it up on her tree when I was 19.
But H always comes home with some sort of
sparkly pine cone,
or folded paper thing
that just gets smashed,
or ripped in the Christmas box,
well not this year.... Yesterday she brought home a felt Santa,
he looks like he is going to be around forever,
maybe he will lose an eye or his fuzzy little nose,
but other then that he is a pretty sturdy little guy!
It even came with a little tag that reads
"Handmade by H 4th grade" how cute is that!
(his body is made out of a bunch of felt circles, that you cant see in the picture, its almost like a slinky)


Tales of the sick kid!

H doesn't get sick too often, but when she does, she really get sick, last year she actually got scarlett fever, and she isn't the easiest person to deal with (really who is when they are sick)
The past 2 days I have noticed a stuffy nose coming on, last night before bed I gave her some medicine...
this morning, I took her temperature, and nothing no fever at least, gave her a little more medicine and sent her off to school,
and wouldn't you know it, at 2:58 she calls and asks me to go get her...
she gets out of school at @ 3:40
so here we are 1 day away from her winter break and 2 days away from her trip to CA and she is getting sick, at least she wont miss school!

Whats been going on...

Again I went a week without blogging, I don't know why...
H is getting ready to go on a mini vacation to CA to visit her dad
We are planning a day trip while she is gone
but here are a few photos of whats been going on here...
Guitar Hero world tour
We put up our Christmas Tree and we get to re-decorate it daily
because Buster thinks its a big toy
Its snowing alot, so 'toe socks' are required, H's are wrapped up under the tree
Gingerbread messes with J
And or course a trip to see Santa, and ask him for a Nintendo DS (little does she know....)


me and my big mouth!

Of course just yesterday I blogged about H and her cell phone, so of course yesterday she lost it!
That's right, her brand new phone that she just got on Friday (well brand new to her anyway), she dropped it after school in the grass "somewhere" good thing we have extra Sim cards, and extra phones so it didnt cost us anything to switch it over (lucky for her).
So she is back to her ugly pink one that she didn't really like in the first place, until next November when L and I get upgrades, even then she is just going to get one of our older phones, (which are still nice, just not as cool as the ones we have now)
We aren't too upset that she lost it, because it was bound to happen but the thing that makes us mad about it is the way she lost it!
We told her that whenever the phone wasn't being used she had to put it in the case, it wasn't a flip phone, so it needed to be protected, but did she do that, nope! How do we know because we are the parents!
No really, because her case was nestled all snug in her back pack with no phone!
Ugh kids why don't they listen to their parents like we did when we were kids!
(just a joke! LOL!)


our new toys!

So L and I have done this every year since we have been together, we finish all of our Christmas shopping, and never buy each other gifts...
we go out together and buy stuff that we want
and tell each other "Merry Christmas" this year is no exception!
I got my Twilight books,
L got the guitar hero world tour for the wii,
and then as a last minute surprise to ourselves we got these...
L's phone:
C's phone:

If it is at all possible to be in love with a phone, we are!
they are so great!
And since we got new phones, that means that H got a new one too, yeah I know she is young, but we need her to have it just as much as she wants it! So she gets our hand me downs, she cant wait until our contract is up on these one's so she can have one of them! We are such cool parents!


In a Blog Funk

I dont know where I have been, or what I have been doing, but one thing is for sure I haven't been blogging... I really haven't even been sitting at my computer, we have been spending alot of extra time with L's mom, which I love, I love the way L's face looks when she is with her mom (after 13 years of not seeing her its completely understandable).
This weekend we went to El Pollo Loco its about 20-30 minutes south, but they both Love it so we went, and it was really good, now we dont have to go to CA to get it! After that we went to the festival of trees, it was so fun I love going there, they put up a ton of trees, with decorations, and some of them even have presents (I think I read somewhere 2500, but it could be more) they decorate them and then sell them and all the proceeds go to the children's hospital, this is our second year going, I think its our new tradition.
H is leaving soon she is going to CA to visit her dad next weekend, she wont be here for Christmas, or New Years, or L's bday but we are going to have a few late parties when she comes home, she doesn't mind.
We put up our Christmas tree last week, its so pretty, even though the top wouldn't fit, and it has a flat top, its blue and white this year, next year we are going with purple and white, and at the festival I got alot of good ideas of ways to decorate in the future, I cant wait...
I Love decorating the tree!
(theres a whole lotta love in this post!)


I cant believe I totally forgot to blog about our black Friday experience! It was so much fun! L and I now have a new tradition! H stayed the night with L's mom so we go to get all her Xmas shopping done (and we already wrapped everything)! Even the DS we got her the new Ice blue one its really pretty!! We got Pjs, and track suits, movies, oh yeah and how can I forget, L got her Christmas present early too, Guitar hero world tour for our Wii! H and her would play all day if I let them, but I am mean and don't! ans for my Christmas present, The Twilight books came UPS this afternoon, I love them they are currently serving as the center piece on the dinning room table. because I don't know where I want to "display" them yet! They came in a cool box, and with mini posters that I am going to have laminated...