Our weekend

We had a great weekend! Friday was my Great Grandma's Birthday, and we thought it would be nice to send her some balloons. After that we went on a short hike, a really short hike 1.5 miles to Donut Falls , the reviews did not lie this is a perfect hike for children. Next weekend we are thinking about heading out to dog lake. It was really pretty out in big cottonwood we even saw a few moose! After all that we then spent the afternoon shopping for fabric and produce, for dinner we went out for Thai food, and finished our night watching Harry Potter, the very first one, since we have never watched them before.

On Sunday we had a great movie day we watched the second Harry Potter, the Lincoln Lawyer, Confined, and The Burning Bed, we also took Coal on a 2 mile walk to return the movies and pickup a few house hold things. It was a perfect weekend. Cant wait until the next one!


our garden

Yesterday I went out to the garden and did some picking and this time they were not weeds (that will be today)
One zucchini and one banana pepper! Our zucchini plant is HUGE I am glad that we only put one in, the squash is not nearly as big, we have 2 tomatoes that are out there and still green I am sure they will be ready soon.


Take a Hike

Yesterday Liz and I decided that we wanted to take a hike up to donut falls which is 3/4 (1.2 total) mile up big cottonwood canyon, however in true Liz and Catrina fashion, we got lost and ended up taking the Lake Blanche trail which is 2.8 miles (5.6 total) it ended up being alot of fun! It was beautiful up there, there was so much water coming down of the mountains and still alot of snow up at the top.

Next weekend we will look for donut falls and see what other trails we come across!

We are also starting a new vegan lifestyle, so be sure to follow along on that adventure over at: http://twoveganmamas.blogspot.com/



This past 4 days I have been working very hard to get rid of these 7# and I have to say I was fairly successfull... I drank all my water, I walked coal for 20 minutes everyday, then came home ate a banana and went to the treadmill for 30 minutes, and I even I wrote down all my food; here are this weeks numbers...

Tuesday 123.8
Wednesday 123.0
Thursday 121.8
Friday 123.0

The way I see it, as long as the number is not going up then I am ok. minus 8oz is still a minus! Do I understand it? Nope not at all. It could have to do with all the carrots and hummus I ate yesterday but at least it was a healthy snack! I think Friday will be my official weigh in day, that will give me a few days to mess up and then a few more days to put my self back in check! I weigh myself everyday mainly just because I want to! but Friday will be the one that counts.

so it looks like I am at -.08 for the week!