123.8 :(

Last Thursday I weighed in, it was pretty depressing to see 121.3 at the end of the week, that's a Monday number, So I said to myself "self by the time you go on vacation, you will be 116 (or really close) 5# in a month and a half no problem...

Today I weighed in at 123.8! Who was I kidding to think that taking a 20 minute leisurely walk with Coal around the block once a day would help me loose 5lbs? I was turning into one of "those girls" thinking that weight loss would happen without hard work, I have the equipment here, I have the knowledge in my brain I know how to loose the weight, its just a matter of actually putting everything I know into action. I must do the work. I must eat all the right foods. or else this is what my future will look like;
Which really isn't a future its more like the past, (@2008) I have been here before I didn't like it, I was in a deep denial about my weight, and I can feel my self going there again, falling back into old habits, not working out the way I know I should be, not eating breakfast, thinking a little walk will help me maintain...

I have also been here before this is from Oct 2010;And here... July 2010

And so it begins again, I will not be one of them, I will put in the work, starting today... by August I will be down to where I want to be @ 116 very far away from 123.8!

So how will I do it... here is a rough plan;*Walk/jog Coal for 20-30 minutes treadmill/elliptical 30 minutes right after I know I have to put some weight training in there once in awhile so I will try to do that, again we have all the equipment here it is just a matter of doing it.

* No eating in the office, it becomes mindless I am not paying attention to what I am doing.

*WATER nothing else until the 8 glasses are gone, which I will do because I've got some pretty good wine in the fridge... (thanks to Trish and her husband Roger)

*Tracking, it worked before when I wrote down everything that went in my mouth I am sure that even without the points, it will do something for me.

so that's it, I think I should see some improvement soon, I will keep you posted.


Our garden

I have been working almost all week at getting my garden de-weeded (is that even a word? oh well you know what I mean) I have taken out at least 4 grocery bags full of weeds, cooked dinner with dirt under my nails , had to hose of my Old Navy flip flops a million times and sweat more gardening then working out and yet... it still looks the same! but I do like going out there and watching it grow so I will continue to try to tackle the mess. here are some pictures of the progress our plants have made;


Sweet peas:

Banana pepper;


well I am back

I spent a week in California and then I spent a week getting things semi back in order around here, not that Liz didnt do an amazing job while I was away, of course she did I just needed to readjust to doing the house stuff after spending a week with my grandparents.

So I am back to blogging... for now we all know how that will go right?

We have a busy few weekends coming up I will try to keep the blog up to date.

This weekend we ran errands, went on a 6 mile bike ride, went to the movies and watched Water For Elephants. Ordered The Green Hornet on PPV (free codes) it was good. We got our pictures reprinted and all hung up. It was a very productive weekend.



Today was Haileys graduation she didnt even want us to go, because she said it was no big deal, but of course we went...

and took her flowers, and she cried. So I guess it was a big deal!

We are taking her to Las Vegas on Friday, which means Liz and I are going to be on "date night" for the next 70 days! We get to go wherever we want whenever we want, we dont have to worry about bed times or kid friendly menus. Ask me again in @3 weeks and I will tell you that it is time for her to come home but for now I have big plans for Liz and I...

Pack up the car and go camping whenever, R rated movies no finding a sitter, sushi, sleeping in on the weekend (if the dogs allow it) and tons more... stay tuned!



I should blog daily liz likes to have something to read when she comes home, So here it is for today.... A day in the life of me;

445am liz's alarm goes off gus begins scratching at his cage to be let out

455am liz asks, 'is your alarm set?' I reply "kahsdfionvroi..." more scratching

510am my alarm goes off and still more scratching with a few whines thrown in

@ 516am Liz gets up, lets gus outside, goes and takes a shower.

522am I get make the bed up go to the kitchen cuss at myself because life would be so much easier if I would remember to make the damn coffee the night before and just set the frickin timer!

523-535 make lizs breakfast yell at Damon (the weather guy) because it is May/June and we are FREEZING

535-6 watch the news with liz while she eats breakfast and see her off

6-635 ripped in 30 with Jillian and cuss some more...

635-730 drink a gallon of coffee eat, check facebook, read email, take surveys, check pyp.

730-9 get the kid ready for school some days that involves doing her hair, making breakfast, signing papers and sometimes that means make more coffee and stay out of her way becauseshe is in a MOOD

9am shower

930-1030 clean up the kitchen and some other area...

1030-12 Hang out with Liz while she is on her break

12-1 make her lunch, and see her off

1-345 make my lunch because eating a huge turkey sandwich in from of someone on a slow carb diet is RUDE, ChaCha, take the dogs out 500 times, make phone calls to whoever, check facebook, more surveys more emails

345-415 the kid comes home, we chat she does chores, homework snacks whatever else she needs to do.

415-530 try to make the house look liked I cleaned ALL day long! (some days this works other days... not so much)

530-7 plan and make dinner talk with liz on her way to pure workout, call my mom to catch up on the days events, this is usually the 5 call to or from her

7-8 liz comes home showers, we eat dinner I tell myself 'SET THE COFFEE, wash the dishes it will make the morning so much easier' I dont...

8-whenever watch tv then go to bed and start it all over again!

phew that made me tired just writing it all out. Maybe I should take tomorrow off!

Granted that is not what everyday looks like some days there are jogs thrown in there (I wanted to say runs but that just didn't sound right) sometimes trips to the library or yard work, but that is pretty much the gist of this stay at home mom/wife's day.

And I know that we use to have cute little nicknames but I am over it.... so Hello I am Catrina my wife is Liz! We have a daughter her name is Hailey... all just general info you would find on our facebook pages. and I am sure all of my 8 followers already know all that anyway :)