meal plan/budget and weight loss

Hello there everyone! we did our shopping on Friday night we had a budget of 68.99 which I was a little worried about since we are eating super healthy but we came in about 8.00 under! So I will either go and get more fruits and veggies from Rancho Market tonight, or roll it over for the next 3 weeks which are also at 68.99 each week.

As for weight loss, grumpy and I both lost 2 lbs for a total of 27 lbs lost for me and 31 lbs lost for her! so 58 lbs total thats crazy!

As for our dinner menu;
Monday- black bean and sausage soup
Tuesday turkey taco meat loaf
Wednesday Ravioli bake (I think I left my raviolis at the store, so this may be something else)
Thursday Shepherds pie
Friday family style spaghetti
Saturday roasted corn chowder with a side salad
Sunday Chinese chicken salad


The Goal 2010

Hello! here we are again talking about goals and plans for the year, of course loose weight is one of them but coming in at very close second is.... become debt free! We are so close! we can almost taste it!! we did the snowball calculator at whatsthecost.com and it says we should be done by November so we are giving ourselves a little longer and want to be all done by December. Nothing left but the house. And then what you ask? well I will let you know when we get closer to being done, but trust me we ahve big plans for our family, big big plans! The snowball pay down will start February 1, 2010 so this ticker will be changing soon!


Menu and budget

We went and did out shopping on Sunday afternoon, here's the breakdown;

6 bell peppers 2.00
4 heads lettuce 2.00
16 oranges 1.28
cilantro .60
3 limes .99
rolls 2.47
parsley .67
cut carrots 1.48
4 red potatoes 1.35
2.39# bananas 1.15
turkey bacon 2.00
rotini 1.28
spaghetti 1.28
peach tea (mixes, so water doesn't get boring) 1.76
heavy cream .88
2 tomato paste 1.00
brown mustard .96
south western mustard 1.50
3 2 liters Pepsi 3.00

total 27.65

skinny cow ice cream 3.98
2 cups of ice cream for the kiddos 2.00
total 5.98

total spent 33.63
balance left 5.24

phew that was close!
here's the menu for the week

Monday Chicken and sausage pallela
Tuesday cheesy chicken carbonara w/fettuccine
Wednesday Italian style pot roast with veggies
Thursday pork chops with hoisin sauce and mixed veggies
Friday Spicy chicken tortilla soup
Saturday Philly cheese steak sandwiches
Sunday Bow ties with tomato vodka sauce

wowsa I can not wait for this weeks meals, I just wish there was someone that would come and cook them for me. Any volunteers?


budget 1/9-1/15 And pictures

Well here we are the end of the "food month" we have... 38.87 shouldnt be too hard to do. We have SO much chicken in our freezer so meat wont be on the list, but produce does eat up a huge part of our budget I'm sure I can figure it out. Ill post the shopping trip and menu in a few days when I get it all figured out. I should do it tonight.... I might do it...

So in December we decided to go and get pictures taken these are NOT xmas pictures, they are however pictures we took the week before xmas.... after loosing a combined total of about 40 lbs... (we are at 50 now)


Happy New Year

Just a few days late... we have actually had a pretty good new year so far, we are still working on our weight loss goals, the tickers in the side have been updated, to show our loss so far and our new mini goals so no we are not almost done but its just a little number to keep us motivated.
I will be posting our grocery budget, menus and more this year, hopefully I can keep it together!