Our first time...

Get your head out of the gutter...

this will be our first time shopping the Mega sale at Smiths and not buying junk food! I was thinking about not going at all but then I thought about all the non boxed food deals and have changed my mind, here is my list;

all laundry detergent
aussie hair products
carnation evaporated milk
dannon activia (1 point per container)
halls cough drops
halls refresh hard candy
kleenex facial tissue

so thats it thats my list, notice, no frozen pizzas, no cereal, or sugary snacks...


Making the switch

To Soy... since we have started Weight Watchers, we have been paying extra close attention to labels, and we have decided to make the switch to Soy milk, I have been reading this morning about the benefits of soy milk, and have found out that soy will, Reduce hunger cravings Increase energy levels, slow digestion and absorption, and you wont have rapid rise in blood sugar levels, its almost like a magic pill! And 8 oz of Silk Soy Light is only 1 point and 8 oz of fat free milk is 2 points, so when we finish up our Lactaid we are going to make the full switch. Now off to find more coupons.


Menu 10/26-10/30

we made out a full week full of meals, that included breakfast, lunch and dinner, however since our breakfast is different I wont post that, but our lunch and dinner is pretty much the same do here it is;

L- Progresso soup, 2 fruits, carrots, and a diet coke
D- Dori's Chicken Lo Mein

L-Roast beef pita, 2 fruits, carrots
D- still looking for a meat loaf recipe

L Egg rolls, 2 fruits, carrots, diet pepsi
D- Spanish chicken and rice

L- Tuna pitas, 2 fruits, carrots, diet pepsi
D- Two bean Burritos

L- Mini Pizzas, 2 fruits carrots and diet pepsi
D- Easy Chicken Caccitore and rice

I think on Saturday we are going to have some sort of a soup, its going to be a cold trick or treat night. And for Sunday I am thinking of roasting a chicken, but Im not too sure.

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh in

From now on this post will be called W4; heres the results
-4 lbs
-2.5 inches
-2 lbs
-4 inches
We joined our local fitness center, and are planning on going 3 times a week. As long as we are seeing minus #'s we are going to stick with this, even if its just inches thats just fine. We had a pretty easy first week, we spent a little more time in the grocery stores then we would have liked but it kept us out of the house and away from the snacks.




Last night while we were driving home I over heard this conversation between Snow White, and Grumpy;

Snow White: Hey Grumpy do you know how to drive a stick ?

Grumpy: yeah, its a little harder then an automatic.

Snow White: Whats the difference?

Grumpy: There are 3 pedals and you have to remember to push the clutch when you want to push the clutch and the brake when you want to brake.

Snow White: Oh I want an automatic, like this one.

Grumpy: Of course you do, it the easy way

Snow White: No because I only have 2 feet!


the adventures of two moms on a diet...

On Sunday night Grumpy and I decided to sign up for weight watchers and do something about the extra weight we had put on since our wedding (when I was 115 and she was 150) so we joined today is day 2 and we are doing pretty good. Neither one of us feel at all hungry or deprived of any thing (which is what I worried about) we weigh in on Mondays so I will probablly just post about this on Monday, or maybe Tuesday (heck I just may do it everyday, its my blog and i'll do what I want lol)



Confession time

I must confess I hate cleaning my room, deep down I am a 13 year old messy girl... so today after my fabulous wife put the baby (that I babysit) to sleep I found myself staring at my messes and thinking "what have I done" and then did something about it so here are my confessions;
all of this was on this
I know I know I don't know whats wrong with me maybe there is some sort of group I can join, I just really have alot of clutter,
maybe I should take a picture of my desk...
maybe not because then I will have to clean it,
did I really just have a conversation with myself?
I swear 90% of that is all mine and Grumpys side was clean, dusty, but clean so now after a full hour, yes an hour (the baby really did sleep that long,
thank you again Grumpy you are a Friday life saver!)
it now looks like this

For today... (maybe on Monday I will post another picture)

Another payment

So we are sending some more money to our CC (every penny helps) it is so much easier to do this when you can sign into your account online and just click your way threw it, I dont know that we would be able to have the money just sitting in the bank without dipping into it a little bit. We are just about half way done with this one, the goal is to have it gone by the end of the year, which I know we can do!

Oh and we got in 2 more gifts yesterday one more for Snow White and one for Jackie, so I am going to get those wrapped up this afternoon.

I know it updated in the old post but I thought I should stick it up here too just so we all can look at it... its so pretty!



Fall outdoor soccer is over, Snow Whites team did really well they only lost 2 games, and both were to the same team, She didnt score any goals, but did assist on alot. I forgot my camera every single time, except for the last game so here are some photos (shes #4), Fall indoor starts in a few weeks and I will try harder to remember my camera.

well one picture, since blogger is having issues with the pictures, I will put more later on.


I heart Overstock.com

Remember the other day when i was saying that I got my niece a play tent from them and it was such a sweet deal well today the deal got even sweeter, I ordered the 3 piece set, and when it arrived it was only 2 pieces, so I called them up and apparently they were contacting everyone that ordered to let them know that they were supposed to put up the 2 piece not the 3 (which I already knew thanks to PYP) so they could either send me another tent and dome that could connect to the first one or, refund me my money. Of course I was going to take the second tent until I heard the lady say these magic words "and then you of course you can just keep the item since it was our fault..." so you heard correctly not only do I get my 21.04 back but I also get to keep the tent! WOO HOO! I will definitely shop overstock.com more often, because they have great customer service, and if they mess up I might get some more free stuff!


Xmas in October??

Well we are really close to being done with our Xmas shopping, ok I mean we have officially started, and are doing really good! I love that we put money away at the begining of the year and can now just buy stuff whenever we see it. We already are done with our neice, and Snow White and Jackie are moving right along, yesterday I actually wrapped a gift! We are going to be pretty bored on xmas eve if we keep this up.


thanks Dave, and an update

Since we started following Dave Ramsey we have paid off a whole credit card, we paid 289.52 in 10 days! it would have taken us so much longer had we not been doing the "snowball" method. If you have not read total money makeover, I really don't know what you are waiting for it will literally change your life...

And no we are not just sitting at home selling off all of our possessions, we have just gotten more creative about our outings this weekend we are headed to the Home Show, 12.00 for Grumpy and I to get in and free for Snow White.

So for our second round of "snow" I thought I would add this cool little ticker, like our vacation one; when it updates I will just re post it

As for Xmas, yes we are already almost there, only 11 more Fridays our niece is done, she has 3 more dollars left in her budget, maybe we will find somethings for her at the 1.00 store. We got her a really cute tent from Overstock.com for 19.99 (thank you PYP) I will post a picture once it gets here.

that's all for now, Snow White has her last soccer game tomorrow, maybe I will remember to bring my camera...



Attic Insulation

So we just got our house insulated for FREE!!
they are going to send in the rebate, it will come here to our house and we will send it back to the company how great is that! Great! I hope this will help keep our energy bill down thru out the winter, since its already getting cold.